He's The One

(One Direction are not famous in this) This is a story about Olivia Chins. She wasn't popular and only had a few close friends. One day, a new kid comes to her school, called Harry Styles and soon she finds herself falling for him, but she's convinced herself he doesn't feel that way about her.


2. Chapter 2

When I got home, I went straight to bed. At school, my bully Cara shoved my head into a locker and pushed my head down when I was getting a drink from a water fountain. And to be honest, today was probably better than any other day. 


The next day at school, when I got to my first class, I saw a handsome boy in the front. He stood with Mrs. Farler.  He had soft, beautiful brown curls around his head, cute dimples, and deep green eyes. Mrs. Farler introduced him to our class and I soon learned that his name was Harry Styles. That was surely I name I was going to remember.  When the teacher directed him to the desk next to mine, I felt my cheeks get warm. 

Harry's P.O.V

I stood in front of an enormous classroom filled with students. I smiled at the students that walked by me to take a seat. "Why don't you go take a seat next to Olivia over there." Mrs. Farler told me. As I was walking to my seat, I noticed lots of the girls in the classroom were staring at me, it was the complete opposite at my old school. I smiled and waved at Olivia, and she did the same back.

Olivia's P.O.V

Omg. I can't believe it. A boy actually waved and smiled at me! Plus he was a cute one! "Turn to last night's homework page." Mrs. Farler said. And I did. I felt a large hand on my shoulder and I turned my head. It was Harry! "What page was your homework?" He asked. "Oh um it was page uh 132." I answered and smiled. I flipped my hair. "Agh." He said. Oops, my hair went in his mouth! "Omg I'm so sorry." I said. He chuckled deeply, wow his voice was spectacular. "Oh don't worry about it." He said and smiled. I swear at that moment my face was completely red. 

"Olivia, what was your answer for question 5?" Mrs. Farler asked. I was too busy looking at Harry, man he was wonderful. "Olivia!" My teacher exclaimed. "Oh sorry, I um didn't do the homework Miss." I answered. "Oh and why not?" Mrs. Farler asked. "I um forgot... sorry." I said. My teacher just shook her head then asked another student. By the end of class, when I was gathering my things, Mrs. Farler asked me, " Olivia, could you show Harry around the school? Since you both have the same classes the entire day." I suddenly felt light headed. "Sure Mrs. Farler, I'd love to." I said and smiled. Omg...

Harry's P.O.V

I was so happy that Mrs. Farler asked Olivia to show me around. I was scared she might have chosen Cara, since she has the same classes as us. Olivia was so beautiful. She had cute, shiny, brown eyes that were framed with big, squared glasses, she had long, straight, blond hair. Why did she always have her hair up? I bet she'd be so beautiful with her long hair down. She gathered her things and directed me to follow her, so I did. We walked into our next class, which was history. I hate History always have, always will. "And now we have History." Olivia smiled at me. I smiled back, her smile was so beautiful and I just wanted to kiss those perfect pink lips of hers.

During History, I kept taking a peek at Olivia, and I noticed that she was doing the same. Though Cara was in between us. At the beginning of class, when me and Olivia both looked at each other at the same time, I noticed that Cara thought I was looking at her, and smiled back at me. Then she turned around and realized I was smiling at Olivia. "Ugh." I heard her grumble, then she rolled her eyes. Olivia was so beautiful. After class, as I was following her to our next class, I grabbed a hold of her a=hand and said, "We should hang out after school." I smiled. I noticed Olivia's cheeks go all red. "Definitely," She nodded.




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