He's The One

(One Direction are not famous in this) This is a story about Olivia Chins. She wasn't popular and only had a few close friends. One day, a new kid comes to her school, called Harry Styles and soon she finds herself falling for him, but she's convinced herself he doesn't feel that way about her.


1. Chapter 1

Sigh. Summer was over which meant school started. I hated school. I wasnt popular and only had a few close friends. "Olivia! Hurry up you're gonna be late for the first day of school!" I heard my dad yell. I quickly grabbed my math and science text books, shoved them in my backpack and lightly sprayed some perfume over me.

I stumbled down the stairs and ran to the kitchen. "Good morning. Your breakfast is on the table." My dad said and kissed the top of my head. "Morning dad. Thanks." I replied. I quickly took a huge bite out of my toast and drank some orange juice. "Bye dad!" I yelled as I scurried out the door to the bus. "Bye!" I heard him say back before I slammed the door closed.

"Hey Olivia!" I heard my friend yell from a window on the bus. Her hair was golden brown, long and straight. Her deep blue eyes peered into mine. I ran as quickly as I could to catch up to the bus, but I missed it. I heard my friend Hayley yell to the bus driver to stop the bus, but he didn't. Our bus driver was anything but kind.

Missing the bus meant that I had to walk to school, which was twenty minutes away. I took a look at my watch, ten minutes till the bell rang to signal the start of school. If I ran, I could probably get there in fifteen minutes, but that would barely help. I didn't have a car so I couldn't drive. So I started to walk.

By the time I got there, I saw Hayley waiting at the front of the school for me. "Hey! You didn't have to wait for me." I said and ran to hug her. Now we were both going to be late for first period. "It's alright'" She said. I opened the front door and held it open for us both. "Thanks." I heard her say.

My first class was english, while hers was science. When I walked into class, Mrs.Farler glared at me,"Why are you late Mrs.Chins?" She asked. "I-I um missed the bus Mrs.Farler. Sorry. It won't happen again." I answered. Mrs. Farler was the scariest teacher in our school, along with Mr.Jan, my history teacher. "Better not." She said. Everyone in the class were staring at me, I hated having so much attention. I found a desk in the back on the left.


"Hey, how was Mrs.Farler? Did she get any nicer?" My friend Amie asked me. Amie has short bouncy blonde curls that suited her head shape. She had the most beautiful sea green eyes I had ever seen and I was so jealous of it. "Not at all." I replied, "If anything, I'd say she got worse." Everyone laughed. "Ugh, so did Mr.Jan. He yelled at me for coughing, I'm sick!" My friend Kayla said. Kayla had gray eyes. Every week, she died her hair a different colour, this week was dark blue.

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