Fanfics anyone???????? ;*

I will make a fanfic for anyone of my fan(fic)s that comment below!
Note(s): In your comment put the: Rating [Green-no mature content] [Yellow-mature content] or [Red-explicit content 16+], your name and/or nickname, what it's about, your gender, what band/celeb is in your fanfic, what it's about, characters in the story. Also doing imagines.


3. For: OneDirectionsGirl


You and Harry are in a fight.

"Harry, I really don't want to fight," you say.

"Well you obviously do or else you wouldn't have got me mad in the first place!" he snaps back.


"I don't want to hear it, Haley!"

He walks out of the house and slams the door, leaving you behind.

You try and call him, but his voicemail system answers instead.

"Harry, please some back. I never meant to get you mad!" you say, and you press done.


Harry is at his friend's house and he receives your voicemail.

He was about to delete it, but instead he listened to it.

He called you back and apologized.


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