as long as you love me

you are 17 living in los angeles, california. you are madly obsessed with justin bieber and you and your friends have tickets to see him with meet and greets. you both instantly fall for each other and you both live a very happy life with some mistakes. like what happens when you and harry styles play 7 minutes in heaven? or when justin loses the control of his car? and when paparazzi gets their hands on everything.


1. the concert

you are 17 living in la and you And your besties are going to the justin bieber concert tonight. you are in love with justin so you are insanely excited for tonight. *ding dong* you hear "Coming!" you yell while running towards to the door. you open it and there are your bestfriends, Mariah and Athena. "Hey girl! You ready for tonight!" Mariah asks "yeah let me just grab something!" you say running upstairs. you grab your purse and look in the mirror real quick to see how you look then you run downstairs and you all walk outside and get in your car. you are wearing your white lace crop top with purple daisy dukes and black jesus sandals. you are also wearing girlfriend by justin bieber. you start driving and you all go to the meet and greets since you somehow got meet and greet tickets. you are late so your the last in line but finally you are next. you are so nervous you cant even think straight. you and your friends walk up to justin and he is staring at you and smiling. "hi im justin. and you beautiful ladies are?" justin says not taking his eyes off of you. your friends are freaking out behind you but you are just in shock and no one says their name until you realize you havent said anything. "um im YN" you say staring at the ground and athena and kylie say their names. Justin senses your nervous so he lifts your chin up with his hand and says "its ight shawty." and you let out a sigh of relief and smile. after you smile he puts his hanf on your back and says "pictures?" and you three shake your head yes. justin stands on the very end with you next to him and mariah next to you and athena at then end. you a smile and right before the person takes the picture, you feel these warm lips on your cheek which makes you blush. after the picture is taken you look up and it was justin. and he smiles at you "sorry YN" he says "no its ok!" you say reassuring him which makes him blush. all of the sudden he calls Alfredo Flores out like this, "fredo! come out here! and bring my phone!" justin yells to fredo. Alfredo comes out standing there confused. Justin whispers something in his ear then comes back to you and says "aye, why dont you kiss me back this time hun?" and winks at you. you look at the ground again with your cheeks bright red but he lifts your chin up again and rubs your back to make you less nervous. then he raises his eyebrows as if it meant "ready?" and you shook your head yes and you both lean in to kiss. he sneaks his tongue in and you grab the back of his head. but then you hear "hey justin! lets go! we dont have all day" and you recognize the voice and its scooter braun's. justin leans back from the miss and waves scooter off.
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