as long as you love me

you are 17 living in los angeles, california. you are madly obsessed with justin bieber and you and your friends have tickets to see him with meet and greets. you both instantly fall for each other and you both live a very happy life with some mistakes. like what happens when you and harry styles play 7 minutes in heaven? or when justin loses the control of his car? and when paparazzi gets their hands on everything.



"sorry shawty i got to go" justin says frowning at the ground but before you could say anything he gets an idea "do you want to be the one less lonely girl?" he asks you excitedely. " is that fair?" you ask. "of course! youve never been the ollg and i want it to be you" justin says while stroking your cheek with his hand. you shake your head and he grabs your hand and you all walk to backstage. jazzy immediatley comes up to justin and whispers something in his ear and justin giggles a cute laugh and says "YN this is jazzy, jazzy this is YN. and yes she is very pretty" and he winks at you and wraps his arm around your shoulder. when he does that you get chills all up and down your spine. then justin finds a chair and gets on it "attention! attention! everyone! this is the one less lonely girl tonight YN!" justin says then looks at you and he gets off the chair and everyone starts clapping and you cant help but blush. justin goes to change then comes out in a all white, a white jacket, white slacks, white tank top and white supras. he comes up to you and pushes a piece of your aside and kisss your cheek before he goes to get his wings set up. you are standing next to carly rae jepsen, watching the crowd. you turn to her and introduce yourself, "hi im YN" "aye im Carly!" she says cheerfully. you absolutley love Carly Rae Jepsen, you have a huge poster of her in your room but you dont tell her because you dont want to freak her out. you: umm... carly im a huge fan!" carly: aw thanks sweetheart! this is why im here today because of you! so are you excited for tonight? you: yes! well and kinda nervous. carly: well, use the trick where all the people are in their underwear. and she winks at you and you just laugh. you: well ill try, but i dont think its gonna help... carly: haha well i think justin likes you. the way he looks at you, i mean you can tell. you blush. you: ehhh i dont know carly: well youll see. he will show you soon. i better go get ready for my song with justin. bye! you wave to her and think about what she just said. could justin really like me? i dont know. you decide to go to the side wing of backstage which faces the stage. the littles follow you. they must really like you. jaxon lifts his arms up for you to hold him and you laugh and pick him up and you hold jazzy's hand. you get to the side wing and justin immediatley sees you and smiles. he's singing catching feelings and before he ends the song he blows a kiss to you, jazzy and jaxon. and you pretend to catch it and laugh. justin comes backstage for a costume change and he picks jazzy up but she doesnt want to let go of my hand "cmon jazz. come to bieber" he says with his knees on the ground and his arms out and jazzy finally gives in and runs to him. after playing with her for a little bit he changes into his signature black leather jacket with no shirt underneath and you go up to him and say "oh my dont you look swaggy!" he laughs and kisses you hard then says "i have an important question to ask you" "what?" "but not now" he says walking backwards onto the stage snd winking at you. justin songs a couple more songs then changes again and slaps your butt and your jaw drops and you try not to laugh but you cant help it. "how are you guys doin tonight?" justin asks the crowd and of course they scream. "well, its time to make a little someone feel special" he says and turns to you and winks at you. he starts singing ollg then comes over to you and grabs your hand and brings you on stage. he sits you down and he crowns you. he finishes up then kisses your cheek and the crowd all awes. then he suddenly gets on his one knee and asks "YN will you be my girlfriend?"
*authors note*
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