Love at First Sight

A girl named Justine meet a boy named Niall Horan but after they meet love happened,but zayn was into her and made them broke up Justine has blue eyes and brown wavy hair.


1. Part 1 of Love at first sight


Love at First Sight

                                 It was Justine's first time at high school she got bullied by three girls named Bianca,Angela,and Emily Niall saw Justine getting bullied he tried to stop them.But the girls pushed him down.Justine started crying so she left running to the locker room but Niall was looking for you but he couldn't find Justine.He finally saw her on science class he sat next to Justine.He said "sorry about the girls". "its ok" Justine said so then Niall kissed her on the cheek. JUstine feel in love with him but her fear was falling in love but who cared. When Justine went home she found out that Niall  was her neighbor. At night justine escaped from her house and went to his. Justine and NIall maked out. Justine fell asleep on NIall's chest and she felt happy. IN the morning she cooked him pancakes he ran when he smelled it and hugged Justine for making Pancakes with smiley faces.

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