"If Alice is dying, or is dead, do not panic, for she has a rare, unique and wonderful gift from God which has no easy way to explain to you, so I’ll come straight out with it.
Alice cannot die; she is an immortal."

However, Death is closer than Alice thinks.

Eli Furst, a Soul Leech is after her, and he will go to any lengths to have the only existing immortal as his personal pet.
Alice must not allow herself to be caught, but must protect the family she has found or part of her soul will die forever and will not return.


2. Chapter Two




‘What happens when I’m not here Alice? Tell me. What happens when I die? Who’s going to look out for your dying body then?’ George shouted at me angrily. I looked away from his aging face, tears gathering in my eyes.

‘Don’t say that George.’ I whispered, knowing he wasn’t getting any younger, and that bout of Tuberculosis he had suffered from after The Great War had continued to affect his lungs. Even now his voice was croaky and he was breathless.

‘I’m saying it because you’re avoiding it! I’m dying Alice, and we both know it. We’re just too scared to admit it to each other.’ He had calmed down now, and approached the chair I was sitting in.

He placed a wrinkled hand on the back and knelt down, peering into my eyes. I blinked away the tears and choked back a sob.

‘Come on Ally. Tears don’t solve anything. We both knew it would happen sooner or later. It’s just a question of when.’

‘Except me!’ I cried out, standing up from the chair in frustration.

‘I’m cursed to live forever! What happens when I’m tired of living George? What happens when all the people I love die and I’m alone? What then George? What then?’ Tears were flowing down my cheeks now, and George had stood up, breathing huskily.

‘I don’t know Alice. But I know one thing. You will always do what’s right. That, I do know.’

I watched as he turned and walked out, leaving me to mull over his words.


The next day, George’s chest got worse, and he was confined to bed. After two days of wringing my hands in frustration and punching the punch bag we had made for training, he summoned me to his rooms.

I walked in his room, blinking to get accustomed to the lack of sunshine. George always loved having his curtains open to “let the Angels in” as he put it. He believed every ray of light was a Guardian angel watching over you until you were chosen to join them.

‘Alice, open the curtains. That useless Doctor doesn’t know what he’s talking about.’ His voice was hardly a whisper, and I obeyed, slowly opening the curtains to let the summer sun inside the sick room.

‘Open the window child. It smells like death in here.’ He laughed gently at his joke, and then started coughing helplessly.

I opened a window and breathed in the fresh air that carried the scent of pine trees in the air.

‘Sit beside me Alice.’ He told me. I obeyed, holding back tears as he rested his once strong arms outside the duvet.

I held his fragile hand and leant forward to catch his words.

‘I have a feeling this is it Alice. I think the Angels are calling me.’ I shook my head, silent tears falling from my face.

‘Yes. I think I’ll like it there. I’ll be able to watch you better and know everything you get up to from up there.’ I sobbed as he stopped for breath.

‘Please George. Don’t leave me. You can’t die. You’re the only family I’ve ever had. Please... don’t leave me...’ I broke off, sobbing uncontrollably.

‘Don’t cry Alice. I’ll do more good up there than I can here. Look at me child. I hate being like this; old and decrepit lying in a bed all day and some halfwit Doctor shutting out my Angels!’ I laughed through my tears and clung to his hand tighter.

‘Alice, I love you, you know that. I care for you more than anyone on this Earth. So I’ve left you everything in my will. Lord knows, you’re the only one I’ve got to leave it all to. But you’ll have to leave it after a couple of years. I know you child, and you could never rest in one place. You’re like a moth to a flame where trouble is concerned. I know you’ll be dying again from someone trying to kill you. Go to my bureau and fetch the letter that’s been laid out.’ I did as he told me, and bought it over to him. He gestured for me to open it and read it.


June 22nd 1922

Dear Sir or Madame,

            If you are reading this, than you have gained the trust of this young woman whom has told you of this letters existence and would have asked you to read it. However, if you are just a nosy scallywag rummaging through a lady’s possessions, I suggest you replace this letter before a curse full of God’s wrath inflicts itself upon you.

If Alice is dying, or is dead, do not panic, for she has a rare, unique and wonderful gift from God which has no easy way to explain to you, so I’ll come straight out with it.

Alice cannot die; she is an immortal.

I have known Alice since I was in my early twenties; which was in the year of 1890. Since that time, we have remained close friends and while I aged, she remained the same at 19. She does not know what year she was born, as after a certain amount of time; she says you forget the significance of birthdays if there is nothing to celebrate, for she never ages a year.

I have helped her through times of both mental and physical difficulties, and pray that you will help her though the same during your friendship.

She is a brave, kind, beautiful young woman, who does not see her immortality as a gift; but a curse. I beg of you to add your voice to mine in reassuring her that God would not curse such a creature as her; for if he has, I will have some words with Him in the near future.

Alice is too proud to ask for your help, but if she has informed you of this letter, than she trusts you enough to do so without her asking; or she is unable to ask, as she is dead.

I am afraid I am reaching the end of my time, and will join the hordes of Guardian Angels that follow her.

I beg of you, help my Alice, and protect her from the evil which searches for her and other people gifted in any “abnormal” manner.

Alice will tell you anything more you wish to know.

Yours thankfully,


Sir George Bellamy the Third


By the end of the letter, I was confused and tearful. I looked at Georges face, frowning. He smiled at me.

‘I wrote it after our verbal sparring. I have spelled it to never leave you, and can only be read with your permission, I just put in the scallywag bit to make you smile.’ I laughed gently, still sad.

‘Even if you throw it in the bin, it will return in your pocket somehow. I said I’d look after you from beyond the grave and I damn well have seen to it, or my name’s not George Bellamy!’ He started coughing heavily.

‘Calm down George.’ I whispered, holding back more tears. He slowly stopped coughing, and stared up into my eyes, his own full of love.

‘I will always be there Alice; always watching. Just look at the rays of sun, and I’ll be there.’ I smiled sadly as he started coughing again uncontrollably.

I stood up and kissed his brow, soothing his head.

‘Sleep George. Stay with me for a little longer. Please.’

‘Stay Alice. Don’t let that idiot Doctor back in to close out my Angels. Just stay with me.’ I looked in to his eyes and saw a small amount of fear behind the mixture of emotions.

‘I’ll stay with you George. Always.’ And I sat back down in the chair, holding his hand as he slept fitfully and weeping into the night as his coughs echoed in the room as he slept.


Present Day

I sat up and gasped out loud, taking in deep breaths. I looked down and saw I was wearing a clean shirt and jeans. My hand instantly went to my left trouser pocket, and I sighed in relief when I heard the crinkle of paper beneath the denim.

I looked around the room; it was painted in light colours, and I was lying in a double bed against the wall, with a window opposite. There were a few boxes in the corner, which told me this was a spare room, normally used for storage.

I opened the door and walked out on to a carpeted landing; hearing someone was still asleep in one of the bedrooms, then down a wooden staircase; silently advancing on the voices coming from what I assumed to be the kitchen.

I stood in the doorway, leaning against the frame.

‘We don’t know who she is, where she’s come from. How do we know she was telling the truth about the boy? He’s a child! What if she attacked him? What if she knows?’

I stared at Jake; the boy from last night. I hadn’t got a good look at him in the half light, but now, I stared at features I recognised. My mouth dropped open, and my eyes widened. I licked my lips and blinked, desperately composing myself.

‘If she attacked him, why just tie him up? She had plenty of time to kill the boy. Besides, why did she knock on the door? I didn’t hear anything at all, so she must be good. That letter explained everything. If only I could remember where I put it...’ I coughed lightly, and two heads snapped around to stare at me.

I pulled the letter out of my pocket and held it up.

‘Return spell. After it’s been read, it comes right back to me. Don’t ask me how it works, it just does.’ I stared at them both, unsmiling. The dream I had had when I had died was fresh in my memory, and I couldn’t smile yet.

I walked forwards and gave it to the older man.

‘You can read it again.’ I said, as he stared at the yellowed paper.

‘Thank you, Alice?’ He asked questioningly. I raised one eyebrow.

‘Yes. I’m Alice. Who are you?’ I asked, keeping all emotion from my voice.

‘I am David Turner; this is my son, Jake, and my younger son, Max, is upstairs; still asleep.’

‘Nice to meet you.’ I pulled out a chair and sat down, leaning back and crossing my arms.

‘Now what on Earth have you done to gain Eli Furst’s attention?’

‘Eli who?’ Jake asked, frowning at me.

‘Furst. That’s not his real name. His real name was Elijah Warren; but it was too common for him. He changed it around 1852 to Furst, meaning “prince”.’ I scoffed and looked at their puzzled faces.

‘You seriously don’t know who he is?’ They shook their heads dumbfounded. I frowned.

‘Then why has he sent his little assassin to get you?’ I muttered to myself leaning forward to lean on the table, frowning at the scratched wood; thinking.

‘What have you got that he wants?’ I mumbled to myself, my eyebrows scrunched together.

I felt the tension between Father and son as they had a silent debate. It was obvious David wanted to tell me something, but Jake was steadfastly against telling me anything or even talking to me.

‘Nothing as far as I know.’ Jake said shrugging. I raised an eyebrow and stared at him. He didn’t flinch as he looked me in the eye. He was a good liar.

‘Oh come on. It is plainly obvious to me what you are, so don’t even bother trying to deny it.’ Both men stared at me, shocked.

‘You live in the middle of a huge pine forest; you leave your doors unlocked all the time; you have a bag of spare clothes hidden – not very well might I add –under some logs; and it smells like wet dog all over the house, yet there is no dog to be seen. Now, shall we start being honest with one another and go on from there?’ I said; my face a picture of boredom. David raked a hand through his hair, obviously exhausted, and Jake stared at me, frowning, confused.

‘We are shifters, of a sort. We can only shift in to a wolf.’ David told me, the words falling awkwardly off his tongue.

‘Oh that’s nothing to worry about. Shifters normally only change into one thing. Anything else is uncomfortable, so I’m told.’

‘You know others like us?’ Jake asked eagerly. I looked in to his deep hazel eyes.

‘Knew. A long time ago. There used to be so many of us; now we are hard to find.’

‘What happened?’ Jake asked, clinging on to my words.

‘Eli Furst happened. He is a leech. Literally. He leeches the life of humans to sustain himself; but he prefers leeching the souls of people like us, leaving behind a living breathing shell. He hunted down so many of us and leeched them before we realized what was happening and went into hiding. A lot of them died; very few bloodlines have lived on.’

‘Why didn’t anyone stand up to him and fight?’ Jake asked, anger seeping into his voice.

‘We were scared. He always allied himself with... powerful people who helped him train his own group of assassins and followers. The boy is one of them.’ I closed my eyes as terrible memories involuntarily invaded my mind.

‘What? An assassin?’ Jake asked, frowning.

‘Hard to believe, I know. He’s recruiting them younger and younger every time, so they have a longer life to leech. If the boy hasn’t been with him for long, he might be defected to our side. It has happened before, but only once. Besides, we had George working at him. He could have made friends with anyone if he wanted.’ I looked up at David and Jake, making my face go blank of any emotion.

‘Please tell me you kept him tied up?’ I asked, my eyebrows raised.

‘Yes. After trying to stab me, I couldn’t risk him harming my family.’ David said; his voice strengthening and his face setting like stone.

‘Good. I can’t deal with an escaped assassin today.’ I said, standing up and stretching, wincing as I pulled the muscles in my stomach. The place where I had been stabbed was unusually sore. I frowned slightly to myself, but quickly hid my expression as I saw Jake staring at me.

‘Where is he?’ I asked, looking away from Jake’s frowning face.

David had already stood up and was searching for a key hanging from a rack beneath a cupboard.

‘We locked him in the living room. Yes, we locked the windows as well and left him trussed like a turkey on the sofa.’ I smiled slightly at David’s grin.

‘Let’s go see him.’ I said, following David out of the room with Jake close behind me.

David put the key in the lock and turned it.

I followed him into the room, sidestepping around him to reach the boy first. He was still tied up on the sofa.

I frowned and walked over to him to look into his face.

He blinked up at me, his face devoid of any emotion.

‘Hey kid.’ I said, forcing a smile onto my face. George always said if you want to make allies, you don’t walk up to them with a scowl on your face.

‘Are you going to kill me?’ He asked calmly.

‘No. I should, seeing as how you killed me, but I’m nothing like your master. Remember that kid.’ I told him, gently manoeuvring him into a sitting position on the sofa. He frowned.

‘Why aren’t you going to kill me?’ He asked, genuinely puzzled. I raised an eyebrow.

‘I haven’t had breakfast yet.’ I said, feeling my lips twitch at the corners as his face fell into shock. ‘It’s the most important meal of the day. If you want me to think about it after breakfast, I suppose I could.’ I grinned at him and saw his lips lift into a smile.

‘Okay, I can’t keep calling you kid. It’s demeaning for someone your age. I’m Alice.’

‘Luke.’ He said, his gaze becoming wary as Jake and David came to stand behind me like a couple of body guards. I turned around and stared up into Jake’s face; ignoring how his jeans fit his body so well.

‘Guys, relax. He’s not going anywhere.’ Jake’s eyebrow rose as he crossed his arms across his chest. I glared at him, trying to tell him to back off.

‘Come on Jake. Let’s get some breakfast. It’s about the only thing that will wake your brother up.’ David took his sons arm and led him outside, closing the door behind him. I knew one of them would be standing outside the door, making sure I was okay, even though they knew I couldn’t die. George was just like that at the start, until he realised it was no use, and gave up.

I turned back to face Luke, smiling, and shrugged.

‘Men.’ I sighed, shaking my head. He smiled slightly, and shifted uncomfortably, trying to manoeuvre his hands and legs in a better position.

‘How about I take off those ropes? If you promise you won’t kill me again, because it really hurts.’  I saw a flash of guilt cross his face before he nodded his ascent. I felt hope rising up within me. If he was feeling guilty about killing me, then he couldn’t be too far under Eli’s thumb.

I gently untied the ropes that bound his hands and feet, rubbing at his skin to try and get the circulation running again.

‘So, how’s Eli nowadays?’ I asked as I worked on the tight knot that bound his hands. I felt him jerk slightly in surprise.

‘You know him?’ He asked, panic in his voice.

‘Sadly, yes.’ I grimaced and looked into his scared face, raising my eyebrows.

‘When did you first meet?’ He asked, interested.

‘Oh, it was so long ago I can’t remember when. But I’ll tell you something, he wasn’t always as mean as he is now. Once, he was kind and loving.’ I heard him snort and broke out of my daydream, smiling.

‘Hard to believe, huh?’ I said; then my face turned sad again.

‘Then something happened, and he changed.’ I frowned, blinked, and looked up at him, grinning.

‘Well, let’s get you some clean clothes and we can have some of that gorgeous bacon David is cooking.’ I stood and helped him to his feet. His black body suit had some of my blood plastered over it. Again, guilt crossed his face as he saw my blood on his clothes.

‘Hey.’ I said, lifting his chin and staring into his piercing azure eyes. ‘I forgive you. Was this your fist kill?’ He nodded and looked away, ashamed. I smiled gently and turned him to face me again.

‘I don’t think it counts. I’m still here aren’t I?’ I said, smiling gently at him. I could see him remembering all of the blood and my eyes filled with sadness for the boy.

‘The first ones always the worst; but seeing as your first victim is alive and kicking, she can help you through it.’ I said, grinning infectiously. He smiled slightly, but I could still see the guilt in his eyes.

‘Let’s go get some food.’ I said, leading the way out of the living room.


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