"If Alice is dying, or is dead, do not panic, for she has a rare, unique and wonderful gift from God which has no easy way to explain to you, so I’ll come straight out with it.
Alice cannot die; she is an immortal."

However, Death is closer than Alice thinks.

Eli Furst, a Soul Leech is after her, and he will go to any lengths to have the only existing immortal as his personal pet.
Alice must not allow herself to be caught, but must protect the family she has found or part of her soul will die forever and will not return.


3. Chapter Three



Sir George Bellamy the 3rd was buried on the 1st of July in the local village church on top of a hill, in a small wooded copse. Every single person in the village; children, babies, young debutantes and ladies and gentlemen of all ages attended to mourn his passing, for George was one of the kindest and sincerest people I had ever met. Whenever he spoke to anyone; whether he had known you for 5 seconds or 5 years, he truly cared about you.

He welcomed everyone into his heart, and so many people welcomed him into theirs.

On that day, the sun shone brighter than I had ever seen it; and during the service, I crept away inside the church to stare at the coloured pane glass window of the Lord’s Angels in heaven, and felt the rays of sunshine warming my skin.

It was in that silent and lonely church that I said my farewells to George; he was a friend, a father and a brother. Once, he had been my fiancé, but we both agreed it would never have worked. We had been friends for far too long to comfortably take that step.

I took deep breaths to compose myself, and stared down at my hands through the black netted veil I wore over my face.

I watched tears fall from my eyes and break through the barrier. I lifted my veil and closed my eyes, feeling the rays of light caress my face.

‘I love you George.’ I whispered and stood there for over an hour, staring up at the glass window pane at the faces of the angels.

Finally, I pulled my veil back over my face and walked out of the church, my face set in an expression of pain I would have found impossible to hide had it not been for the veil.


Present Day

I smiled at Luke across the table as he chewed on the bacon David had cooked up.

He was now wearing a pair of black jeans and an AC-DC t-shirt of Jake’s younger brother, Max, who had indeed awoken at the smell of bacon and eggs.

Max was also 16, but was a little taller than Luke, and more muscled. He had an even tan like his older brother, but his eyes and hair were much lighter.

When Max first saw me, his mouth dropped open halfway through chewing some egg dipped bread. I raised an eyebrow, and smiled as David told him off for bad manners. His face flushed red and he stared at his plate, shovelling food in his mouth like there was no tomorrow.

I declined food, excusing myself for a shower, and left Luke with David as Jake showed me to the bathroom. I smiled and thanked him. He grunted and quickly strode away, slamming his bedroom door behind him. I frowned and shrugged before taking my shower.

The warm, clean water was heaven on my skin, and I gratefully grabbed at the Tea Tree hair shampoo and conditioner before lathering it in my short black hair.

I quickly dried myself off and threw back on the clothes I had worn earlier, making a note to ask if I could go shopping sometime.

I ran downstairs and into the kitchen thanking David for the breakfast he had put on the table for me. I smiled at him and tucked in, realising how hungry I was.

‘Where are Luke and Max?’ I asked as I sipped at a drink of orange juice.

‘Watching TV.’ David told me as he washed up the plates.

I sighed and relaxed back into the chair, closing my eyes.

‘You sound tired.’ David said. I heard the worry in his voice.

‘I’m always tired.’ I told him, smiling, ignoring the images that went through my head; none of them pleasant.

I stretched, and felt my stomach twinge slightly. I immediately muffled the gasp that welled in my throat, and my arms came around my stomach. I gritted my teeth as my body shook for a second, before returning to normal. I frowned. I had never reacted like this after resurrecting.

I checked my pocket for George’s letter, and felt it beneath the denim.

Relaxed, I leant back in the chair and felt my eyes slowly close. I was asleep in moments.




I stared through the huge wire fence, my mouth open with shock and horror at the sight that beheld me. I covered my nose from the stench and blinked away the tears that had blurred my eyesight.

I watched as men wearing what looked like filthy pyjamas staggered around in the cold; their heads shaved, with bare feet. They were so thin they were almost transparent.

I watched as German soldiers tripped an elderly man and started kicking him on the ground. I knew he was dead when his arms fell from protecting his face from their hobnailed boots.

I raised the non-flash camera and took discreet photos of the atrocities below me.

It was around midday in the cold winter, and I was camouflaged between the trees only 10 meters away from the wire fence. I had set myself up here last night, and waited out the icy frost in a warm overcoat I had painted and camouflaged for my surroundings.

I was dropped only yesterday in to allied territory, and made my way in to Germany with the help of French Resistance, or simply German people who didn’t like Hitler’s rule.

My mission was purely reconnaissance and I was to find out what these camps were for.

Pilots had seen them from the air, and had believed them to be training camps for German soldiers. How wrong they were.

Once I had taken enough pictures, I removed the film, and replaced it with an empty one, concealing the other within a secret compartment of a small box; wary of the possibility of being captured and not wanting my evidence to be destroyed. I knew it would not be found, as George had spelled the compartment with a concealment charm, ensuring only I could open the compartment in the side. It was the perfect size for the film.

I couldn’t risk moving; in case someone saw me, and had to watch people’s bodies being piled in a huge mound; men of all ages, and even boys of about 13 were all murdered and burnt in a kind of mass grave.

I knew some were Jewish; from the yellow star embroidered on their clothing, but others weren’t. I dreaded to think what pathetic reason they had been placed in this hell for.

As the smell of burning bodies invaded my senses, I closed my eyes and covered my mouth; trying to hold back the sickness and disgust that had begun to overwhelm me.


Present Day


I jerked awake, blinking away the remains of the dream and closed my eyes, feeling a single tear slip down my cheek.

That day had been haunting my dreams for so long, but every time I remembered, it saddened me in a way nothing else could.

‘Alice?’ I opened my eyes at Luke’s questioning, nervous voice, and wiped at my face.

‘Hey Luke.’ I said, smiling at him sadly. I could still smell the scent of burning flesh.

‘Why were you crying?’ He asked, warily stepping forward.

‘Just memories. I have a lot, and most of them I wish I didn’t have.’ I sighed, sad again as Luke sat down next to me at the kitchen table.

‘Sometimes Luke, you can’t help feeling sad for something you’ve seen or done. Many people say the past is the past and it’s best to leave it there; but I don’t believe that. The past, is a guide to the future. Whatever happened once, can happen again; sometimes it’s good, but sometimes it’s worse than it was the first time.’

I looked at him, still trying to shake the dream from my mind. I could still smell the burning bodies.

‘Where’s the wolf family then?’ I asked, changing the subject.

‘They went out for a run.’ He replied, knowing I was changing the subject, and letting me do it.

‘Jake didn’t want to leave me alone with you.’ Luke said, staring down at the table. ‘He doesn’t trust me.’ I smiled gently.

‘Well, I don’t think we made a good impression at our first meeting, did we?’ I asked, grinning at him, trying to lighten the mood.

‘I guess...’

‘Don’t worry about him Luke. He’ll come around eventually; as long as you don’t run off back to Eli, I’ll trust you with my life. That’s all you should care about right now.’

He smiled up at me, his eyes glinting.

‘Oh, David said there are some girl’s clothes he found for you up in your room.’ He told me as we both stood up.

‘Thanks. Why don’t you set up the PS2 and I’ll give you a game when I get changed?’ He grinned at me and walked into the living room.

I jogged up the steps and in to the room I had woken up in, and saw a pile of clothes on the bed. I closed the door behind me and rummaged through the pile, picking out a pair of denim jeans and a black t-shirt. Quickly, I put them on; pleased to see they were an almost perfect fit.

 Just as I was grabbing the door handle, I paused; thinking. Wondering what the hell I was doing here.

In less than a day I had befriended one of Eli’s assassins, and had made a temporary home with possibly the last wolf shifters in the world. What was going on? And why had Eli targeted this family?

I let my hand fall off the handle and walked over to the window that faced the back garden and the pine forest behind it.

I pushed open the window, breathing in the smell of pine; so many of my memories were associated with that smell.

I stared out into the sky and saw a large black cloud looming over the skyline, far in the distance. It seemed that the sun was being swallowed whole by this huge entity that lumbered across the sky.

I knew then, that something big was coming, and the reason I was staying with this family was to protect them from it; because whatever was coming, was going to be worse than anything they had ever faced before in their lives.

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