"If Alice is dying, or is dead, do not panic, for she has a rare, unique and wonderful gift from God which has no easy way to explain to you, so I’ll come straight out with it.
Alice cannot die; she is an immortal."

However, Death is closer than Alice thinks.

Eli Furst, a Soul Leech is after her, and he will go to any lengths to have the only existing immortal as his personal pet.
Alice must not allow herself to be caught, but must protect the family she has found or part of her soul will die forever and will not return.


1. Chapter One




She ran out of the huge building made of concrete. It was obvious she was malnourished; her skin was paper thin and her bones stuck out at every angle. Her dark hair was shorn short in greasy clumps, and her clothes were tatty and old with frayed edges and holes.

Suddenly, a high pitched alarm went off, and the courtyard she was running across lit up with spotlights. She put on a burst of speed towards the wire fence, running as fast as she could.

Men were shouting in German, and firing machine guns and pistols at the girl. An authoritative voice shouted an order, and the gunfire ceased. By this time, she had reached the fence and was scrambling over the top; ignoring the barbed wire that cut into her skin and ripped her already destroyed clothes.

She heard the sound of dogs barking and men shouting words she couldn’t understand, and swore in English before she continued to run between the trees as fast and as far as she could.

She ran; dodging trees and ignoring the pain in her bare feet as she trod on rocks and sharp pine needles that pricked at her skin like natures needles.

Ahead, she heard the rushing of a river; behind, the loud howls of the dogs tracking her scent through the forest.

Desperately, she used her remaining energy to leap into the flooded river, letting the water drag her quickly downstream. She felt the cold freezing water caress her skin and stab at her insides at the same time; then she felt nothing. She was numb from the cold, and her aches and pains were temporarily soothed.

She heard the dogs barking stop, and relaxed; knowing they couldn’t track her through the water.

She smiled gently, her dull green eyes sparkling once again as she revelled in her escape.

After hours of floating in the water, she dragged herself to the bank and crawled out. She lay on the bank, shaking uncontrollably and clenching her teeth at the pain that was returning with a vengeance.

She heard footsteps coming towards her, and turned her head to stare at a pair of recognisable worn, brown leather shoes, and then up into the face of a man with greying hair and beard.

He smiled worriedly at her and shrugged off his thick coat, covering her with it as he took her in his arms.

She stared into his dark brown eyes and grinned as she let him carry her to safety.


Present Day

I leant against the pine tree, staring into the moonlit darkness; waiting for the figure I knew would advance on the stone house.

I heard him before I saw him and smiled.

They were getting sloppy, while I was getting stronger.

I saw him silently step from the trees in his black costume that covered him head to foot, concentrating on the ground in order to not make the same mistake again.

As he moved closer to the house, staring at the floor, I glided towards the house faster, not taking my eyes away from him.

I leant against the brickwork, waiting for him to step towards the door.

He didn’t look both ways before taking his picks out of his hidden pocket.

‘Hello.’ I said, watching his head snap up and simultaneously draw his swords. I grinned and stepped forwards.

‘Little boys shouldn’t play with knives.’ I said, standing just out of reach of his blades. I watched his eyes- the only part of his body uncovered with his costume- crease in anger as he lunged towards me.

I easily dodged his angry attack and disarmed him of both weapons in seconds before knocking him out.

I quickly searched him; removing every single weapon and throwing them over my shoulder in to the trees before taking off his mask to reveal the face of a child around 16. I sighed and shook my head sadly.

The recruits were getting younger and younger every time I encountered them.

I hid the mask in one of the many pockets concealed in his costume, and tied him up at his wrists and ankles, leaving the swords at his side; knowing he would be out for about an hour, before knocking heavily on the door.

I waited for a response, and then knocked again, slamming my fist against the wood.

I saw a light come on in the hallway through the door window and stood back, waiting.

The door opened immediately. The boy wouldn’t have needed his lock picks after all.

‘Yes?’ A tired man around his late thirties blinked groggily at me and glanced down, trying to ascertain if he was still asleep.

I studied him in seconds. He had mousy brown hair and hazel coloured eyes and his mouth was set in a worried expression.

‘You really should lock your door.’ I told him, gesturing to the unconscious boy on the floor. Immediately, the man seemed to wake up, and bent down, examining the boy for any serious wounds.

‘He’s fine. Besides, there’s no point worrying about the guy who was trying to kill you.’ I told him, leaning against the door frame with my arms folded. He blinked up at me.

Kill me?’ He asked incredulously. ‘Why would this child want to kill me?’

‘Everyone asks the same thing at some point in their lives. Some people more than most. Usually, the answer’s staring them in the face.’ I watched as his facial expression wondered from puzzlement to comprehension to some form of horror.

‘You mean, this boy is an assassin?’ He asked, glancing behind him at the unconscious boy.

I nodded wordlessly, staring into his saddened face.

He opened his mouth to speak, but I shouted a warning, and shoved him out of the way.

The boy had recovered quicker than I originally thought, and had managed to grab a sword with his tied wrists, and somehow lunge forwards.

I froze as I felt myself go numb. I stared into the boys eyes wide with shock and then at his empty hands. I gave out a strangled cough and looked down.

The hilt of the sword was buried in my stomach.

I took in a breath and felt the immense pain spread through my body. I swore as I staggered back, leaning against the stone wall, clutching the hilt.

‘Stay calm. Don’t touch it; we have to leave it in to stop the blood from escaping.’ The man was on his feet and beside me examining the wound. Blood had soaked my shirt and trousers. I tasted blood in my mouth and coughed, feeling it dribble out of my mouth.

‘I’m going to need new clothes again.’ I said, breathing shallowly between coughs.

‘Yeah, you will.’ He said, refusing to meet my eyes and keeping them on the wound.

‘I’m going to die.’ I said, calmly staring into his face. He looked up at me with tears shining in his eyes. He really cared.

He shook his head resolutely.

‘No. You’re not going to die.’ I knew he was lying.

‘Yeah Doc, I am. ’ I gave a single tug on the sword, pulling it out of my body. I clenched my teeth against the immense wave of pain and swore again as a torrent of blood flooded out of my body.

‘Are you trying to kill yourself?’ He asked, shouting at me in frustration.

‘For Christ’s sake, I’ve lived long enough.’ I snapped back, pushing away from the wall, ignoring the pain.

‘What are you doing now?’ He asked as I pushed him aside and kicked the swords away from the boy who was staring at me with what looked like shock and, surprisingly, guilt.

‘Tie him up.’ I told him, leaning against the wall and pulling some thicker rope out of one of my pockets. He took it from me and quickly tied up the boy.

I rested my head against the wall; closing my eyes, I groaned and coughed up some more blood as the pain seemed to fire up through my body.

I was clutching my stomach, trying to slow the loss of blood, knowing it would be no good.

Quickly the man was at my side, leaving the knots only half tied.

‘Finish tying him up!’ I told him, opening my eyes wide.

He gritted his teeth and walked to the door, shouting inside the house.

‘Jake! Get down here now!’ I heard a muffled reply, but pain flashed through my body and I felt myself start to fall forwards.

The man caught me and swung me into his arms.

‘Tie... knots tightly.’ I whispered, nodding my head to Jake who had materialised in the doorway and was staring at me in shock as my breathing became slower.

I was swiftly carried into the house and gently placed on the floor and a cushion was put under my head.

The man’s hands were on my chest, pushing on my heart as he began CPR.

I swatted his hands away, moaning.

‘Don’t. Hurts... more.’ I told him, staring blurrily into his face.

‘Look in... jeans pocket. Letter. Explains... everything.’ I told him, feeling my heart stutter.

I watched him nod, and smiled as I felt my last breath leave my body. Again.

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