"If Alice is dying, or is dead, do not panic, for she has a rare, unique and wonderful gift from God which has no easy way to explain to you, so I’ll come straight out with it.
Alice cannot die; she is an immortal."

However, Death is closer than Alice thinks.

Eli Furst, a Soul Leech is after her, and he will go to any lengths to have the only existing immortal as his personal pet.
Alice must not allow herself to be caught, but must protect the family she has found or part of her soul will die forever and will not return.


5. Chapter Five



I scratched at the itchy wool material of my disguise. I had been secretly given a Privates uniform, and was now creeping down the Front Line trench, mud smeared across my face and any exposed skin to try and cover up my feminine face.

The blood on my hand from Jimmy's kiss was still there, beneath the damp mud.

It was still raining, and had been for days now. Trenches were flooded, and craters were like deep ponds, with drowned soldiers from both sides floating in the murk.

I peered over the top of the trench, my rifle in my hands.

I had very little information; the Government knew of my ability, and didn't really care if I died, or the pain I suffered during death. They wanted to keep their intelligence as secure as possible, meaning I knew the bare minimum.

I needed help.

I quickly crept further up the trench, ignoring how water poured in to my boots, and jerked awake a dozing soldier.

'Sergeant Clark?' I croaked. The man jerked his head to the right, and I nodded my thanks before he immediately dropped back to sleep.

I ran down the trench, slipping and sliding precariously over the sludge, until I saw the familiar figure picking his way across the quagmire.

'Sergeant!' I called. He turned around and frowned at me.

'What is it Private?' I glanced around.

'High security information sir.' I whispered. He frowned again and peered at me, but I looked down, hiding my face with my helmet.

'Follow me Private.'

'Just for you sir. No other Officers are to be involved.' I told him, and watched as he frowned even more.

'Orders from high on high sir.' I said, and followed him as he led me to his personal dug-out. 

'What is it Private?' He asked, sitting on a wooden crate.

I pulled off my helmet and showed him my face. For a moment he frowned, then realization dawned on his face.

'The morphine, I can understand, and I can let that slide. But this is impersonating a Soldier girl. I must report you-'

'Please, listen to what I have to say. I was sent here by the Government  I'm a spy. I need to get across No Man's Land, but have no idea of the layout, or where the wire is. I need your help.I can get back at them for what they did, I swear.' He frowned some more.

'I don't know what the world has come to, using young girls as spies... it's disgusting.' He spat out, before quickly standing and pulling a map out from the inside of his jacket, and spreading it out on his knee.

He progressed to describe the layout of our defences  the Germans defences  and warned me of possible hiding spots of enemy and allied snipers.

'That's all I can do. I still disapprove of this.' He said as I stood, having memorised the map and information he had scribbled on it.

'Don't worry. I owe you one Lewis.' I said, smiling.

'Oh, and sorry.'

'What for?' He asked, frowning.

'This.' I said, quickly slamming the side of his head with the butt of my rifle.

He fell to the ground, unconscious, and I pulled him onto his "bed" made up of a collection of crates and a tarpaulin cover pulled over them.

I pulled my helmet on over my head, and slinked out of his dugout, silently moving towards a safe place for me to get out of the trench, unseen by both sides.

I crawled through the grime and squalid slime that sucked at my skin, pulling me into it's dirty depths like quicksand. 

Thanks to Lewis's help, I made it across No Man's Land without being spotted by either side. Around 20 metres away from the German Trenches, I rolled into a crater half filled with water, and carefully stripped off the British uniform, to reveal a German uniform underneath. I snatched a cap from a dead German soldier, and pushed the British uniform under the water and mud.

I splashed the ooze over my new uniform, and stood, staggering across to the German Trench. I immediately heard the British sentries open fire on me, and hit the floor. The Germans alternatively opened fire on the British, seeing me as one of their own men.

I slid into the trench, clutching the helmet over my head, grinning at a soldier.

'Danke!' I said, clapping him on the shoulder as he grinned at me and fired his rifle again.

'Keine problem mein freund!' I clapped him on the shoulder again and ran down the trench, towards the big, 18-pounder guns.

My mission: sabotage.


Present Day


'I need to go and get my stuff.' I said to David, standing by the front door, looking out into the torrential rain that crated a mist of droplets next the the floor. The rain hit the ground so hard it flew back into the air when it made contact with the ground.

'I'll come with you.' He said.

'No, I need you to keep an eye on Luke. He needs support still.' I pulled up the hood of the rain coat David had lent me, and ran out into the rain before David could stop me.

I needed my rucksack.

I sprinted through the trees, dodging branches reaching out to claw my face and tree roots rising from the ground like miniature mountains, ready to trip me up.

I heard something running behind me, and glanced back to see a large wolf running after me, easily catching me up. I recognised the eyes. It was Jake.

I returned to concentrating on where I was running. After what felt like forever, I began to climb the gradient of the hill. I turned right at a particularly gnarled old hawthorn tree; it's spikes like long lethal needles, stretching out to spear my skin.

I could see the rocky outcrop, and ran beneath the shelter. My clothes clung to my body, like an extra layer of cold, damp skin. I couldn't help shaking, and took off the saturated coat. Despite this, the rain had somehow got inside, and I peeled off the soaking wet jacket, dropping it on the floor and ruffling my wet hair.

Jake padded into the cave, his fur dripping rivers onto the floor.

'You dare shake that water over me I will skin you and use you as a rug.' I said, glaring at him. I glared back at me, and walked back out into the rain. He returned in his human form, wearing only his boxers. He grabbed the waterproof coat and draped it over his lap as he sat down.

He had rock hard abs, and was just as tan on his chest as he was everywhere else. 

I quickly looked away and walked into the corner of the cave, sliding a large piece of slate away from the wall, and pulling out my rucksack.

I reached into a pocket and pulled out some dry grass and flint. I reached back behind the slate and pulled out the twigs and larger sticks I had hidden there in case of emergency's. 

'You're well prepared.' He commented, shivering.

'I don't see you complaining.' I said, my teeth chattering as I arranged the grass and twigs and struck the flint. Sparks shot out and I bent down to blow on the sparks. Flames appeared and a slowly fed the fire the rest of the twigs, helping it grow till it was a happy glowing warmth that warmed me to the core.

Jake moved closer to the fire, holding out his hands.

I placed the jacket close to the fire, trying to get it to dry. I shivered and pulled out my spare set of clothes from my rucksack.

'You look, you will never see again.' I said to him as he raised an eyebrow at me, and he turned around so his back was to myself and the fire, and he faced the outside.

I started to get changed and lay out the wet clothes by the fire.

'How did you know you'd need all this?' He asked.

'I'm always prepared for emergency's. If you had turned against me for hurting Luke, I would have hidden out here and watched you from a distance; getting rid of Eli's spies and assassins for you.'

I pulled a shirt on over my head and ruffled my hair again.

'We wouldn't do that.' Jake said.

'That's what you say now you know me, but if he hadn't of stabbed me, you would have treated me as the bad guy; attacking a kid and tying him up? Doesn't look good as a first impression. At least by dying, you knew I wasn't lying.'

'You can turn around now.' I told him, sitting down by the fire.

I threw him a big black woolly jumper that was really baggy on me.

'It might be a bit small for you, but it'll keep you warm.' I said as he pulled it over his head.

'Thanks.' He said, yanking it over his head.

'So what was so important for you to come up here? Clothes?' He asked, holding his hands close to the fire.

'No, these.' I said, pulling out several hand guns from my bag, along with a miniature machine gun and sniper rifle. I pulled out several silencers, and a couple of knives, then a pair of my own katanas.  

'I had another witch spell my bag. I always feel like Mary Poppin's every time I open it, but I can carry as many weapons as I need.' I said, sticking a handgun down the back of my jeans, and a spare ammunition clip in my pocket. I strapped a plain dagger to my leg, and pulled on my katanas harness, sliding them across my back.

'Damn. You really go all out, don't you?' He said, eyes wide at how many weapons I was carrying.

'This is the bare minimum when fighting Eli. I have more stuff, but we need to save it for when we're at your place. We need to improve your defences, and quickly.' I threw him a gun. 

'Safety catch is on the right side near the handle. Point and shoot whatever moves. You can give it back to me when we leave. We'll wait till the rain slows off, then get back as soon as possible. I have a bad feeling.'

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