Why Did I Do That???

Hannah and her bestfriend Ally get to go to a One Direction concert because Hannah's Mum got them concert tickets.They get to sit in the front row,but the bad thing is Hannah has to bring her boyfriend Seth.Will Hannah fall in love with one of the boys or stay with Seth?


1. Excitement!!!

Kristy              Hannah's POV

    I am so excited! I have the best Mum ever! She bought 3 One Direction concert tickets! I get to take my best friend Ally and I HAVE to take my boyfriend.He is afraid that I will kiss Harry.His name is Seth,he is so over protective.I know its weird. Tonight is the concert .I  can't wait! I have 2 more hours and Ally and Seth are just now getting here.


              Ally's POV

    "Hey" says Hannah as me and Seth walk in


    "I can't wait" I say


    "We better get going" says Hannah's Mum,Kristy


    "OK" we all say


               Seth's POV

    It took the girls such a long time to get ready.It was worth it though Hannah looked amazing.   


    "Lets go!" said Ally


    "Come on people" Hannah says..........................................and we left with that.

Note plz read: Sorry this is a short chapter, but this is my first book so I hope you guys like it.. :) :) :) :)


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