Blue Light

When a stranger staggers towards you door, hurt, bleeding and carrying a package what would you do? A young boy takes the package, and although warned not to open it, he cannot help himself...


3. III

Facing himself in the mirror, he practiced his speech. It sounded insincere. Cowardly.

"Prime Minister, they are ready for you."

"Thankyou David," he mumbled

His straightened his tie. His audience were waiting.

.  .  .

David was there when it first happened. When they had been 'contacted'. He and the Prime Minister had been in deep conversation when they heard the white noise. The static stopped and the television screen in the corner flashed a brilliant blue. The message they had recieved bore no face. It was a code and David had been assigned to find someone to break it. This had been tricky since he was sworn to secrecy but he had found a mathmeticians 'willing' to help. He hoped the message would bear good news.

.  .  .

That final dose of caffine had done it. He had cracked it. He had cracked the code, that could save humanity, but now he was scared. He had been sworn to secrecy and was certain he was being bugged. Should he alert the authorities? Someone should be warned. But who could he tell? Who would believe him? The end game for humans would seem too fanciful for belief.

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