Blue Light

When a stranger staggers towards you door, hurt, bleeding and carrying a package what would you do? A young boy takes the package, and although warned not to open it, he cannot help himself...


2. II

Kimutai managed to swat the fly hovering around him just before the pain hit him again. He didn’t dare to look at his leg but he could feel the wound growing. Injury was not unusual in his small Kenyan village; wild animal attacks had killed both his parents-but this was out of the blue. No insect bite had done this to him. No predator has attacked him. He gazed at the hanging ball of fire in the sky and wiped the sweat dripping from his temple. ‘Water will come soon,’ he hoped but the cloudless sky, defiant, seemed to laugh in response. Drought was rife; food was hard to come by and Kimutai was certain that death would take him soon. As he glanced at the insect like claws moving on the surface of the wound he felt the brush of something on his leg. Looking up, he saw a small reptilian-like creature but he couldn’t be sure. In the heat of the sun, he passed out.

.  .  .

The cold air paired with the sound of the London traffic was pleasing. Tom watched the people down below, like ants from this height, busy with their lives and unaware of his existence. He saw business men with their briefcases, buses circling the square and tourists, apparently the only ones enamoured by the statue in the centre of the scene. He thought back to previous history lessons and faintly recalled the significance of Admiral Nelson but the pain interrupted him and his focus turned to the majestic fountain. The lapping water was soothing and right now, that was what he needed. Tom was eight storeys up, head out of window, fighting whatever sickness this was. It had developed suddenly and was a different kind of pain to that he’d ever experienced before. He was scared. He let out a loud gag, sending the school nurse running to catch the yellow lumps that flew out of his mouth with a measly paper bag. As his legs began to give way and his eyesight blurred, he caught sight of a flash of green. The object disappeared as Tom collapsed.

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