Same Mistakes

Darcy has known Niall Horan ever since she was in diapers. Niall and Darcy started dating during their middle school years. She was 16 when she found out she was pregnant with Niall's baby. She was too scared and worried Niall would leave her if she had told him. The day Darcy was going to tell him he went and auditioned on X-Factor. Darcy still hasn't told him the truth because she didn't want him to quit his dreams of becoming a singer. But that was three years ago and now Darcy and her son Andrew have been living a lovely life, while Niall was living his dream with his band one direction. But what happens when you move to London and meet a mysterious boy that lives down the street from you?


2. Welcome home

I grabbed the last things in my flat and walked out the door with Drew by my side. I buckled him in his car seat and saw my dad walking towards us. "Grandpa!" Drew screeched and struggled to get off his car seat but failed. I giggled at his actions and my dad came over and hugged Drew and gave me a kiss on the forehead.

"Hi dad." I said

"hey sweetie, ready to go?" he questioned.

"I sure, lets go!" with excitement in my voice. I quickly buckled myself into the passengers seat and father drove towards the airport. I making little chats with the both of them to keep out the weird silence. I was giggling at something Drew had said. "Hey guess what grandpa? Mommy said that I get to meet my daddy one day." I popped my head up and stared at my father. Yeah my father doesn't really like Niall. Why? well I might have told little white lie to my father. I didn't technically tell him that I didn't tell Niall about me being pregnant. I had told him that I told Niall so he wouldn't have to tell Niall himself. So my dad thinks Niall got scared and bailed on us. My father was tensed now, his knuckles clutched to the wheel and his jaw had tightened. Before he had said anything I put my hand on his shoulder to calm him down a little.

"Urm that's great." He managed to get out. He was still focused on the road while I was staring at him. "Drew, do you want some juice?" I suggested quickly changing the subject. I looked back at Drew and he nodded his head still confused about what happened a couple minutes before. I grabbed him a juice box out a backpack I had kept with me. "Don't make a mess please okay?" I wasn't really worried he was a really clean kid. I grabbed my Iphone and put my headphone on and quietly listened to music. I must have fallen asleep because next thing I know I wake up and we had made it to the airport. I stretched a little and looked at the time 3:00 am. I put on my shoes and grabbed my belongings and hopped out of the car and opened the door to help Drew out of his car seat. He was fast asleep, so I just unbuckled him and scoped him up. I handed Drew to my father and grabbed a luggage cart. My dad handed Drew back to me while I watched him carrying our bags inside. We checked in and waited for our plane, which would be boarding around 3:45 am. There wasn't much people but most were sleeping. I laid Drew down beside now but as soon as I did that Drew shot his head up." Mommy I want to go home." He whined. I patted my lap to gesture him to come sit,"We are going home" I whispered into his head.

"Plane 319 will be boarding in five minutes, Please enter at gate 6b" The announcement had screeched overhead which had made me jump a little. I grabbed Drew with one hand and my bag with the other. "Dad wake up, were gonna board the plane soon." I alerted him. I walked towards the front desk and my dad handed the print out of our tickets. I a boarded the plane set Drew in his seat and he immediately curled up in his seat. I also had fallen asleep but didn't wake up until we landed and that's when my dad shook me up. We quickly gathered our things and left the airport. My dad stepped off to the side to make some business phone calls. Drew was still asleep I didn't blame him it was 7 am. After my dad got off the phone the same truck we left at the airport stopped in front of us. The person who drove it helped my dad with the bags while I set Drew in his car seat.

The drove towards the house was quiet mostly because we were tired. Drew just woke up, " Are we there yet?" He questioned trying to adjust his eyes to the morning light. "Don't worry well make it in a jiffy." I giggled. A few seconds later we passed down a really big neighborhood, the houses were really massive. I heard Drew awing in surprise of the size of the houses. We passed a couple houses and than my dad parked in  front of a big tanish house. I climbed out of the car and left the moving truck parked outside not touched because we decided to pack later the day. Me and Drew walked through the nicely furnished house and fancying the rooms. The first room me and Drew say collapsed on the bed and fell fast asleep. 


I woke up to the yelling of guys. I quickly got up and raced down stares to see what was all the racket about. I walked around the house a little following the yelling, which led to the front door. I opened and stared across the street to find five guys, probably the same age as me, playing soccer. I stand there relieved it wasn't coming from inside the house. I didn't notice I was staring at them for awhile until one of them stopped playing and was coming towards the house. I wasn't gonna lie he was kinda cute. He had black hair that was laid perfectly on his scalp and his tan body made him look more attractive, but what really got my attention was the tattoo on  his right forearm. "Hey you look new here, do you need help unpacking your luggage?" His brisk british accent ran circles around my brain.

"Uh yeah sure just give me a second?" I said leaving the door opened but rushing upstairs to check on Drew. I found Drew coming out of the bathroom (yes he is potty trained)."Hey sweetie lets change and we can start unpacking, is that okay with you?" I questioned picking him up and walking to my backpack to grab some spare clothes. I laid a pair of sweat pants, plain blue shirt, and his cute blue hightops. He gave him a quick shower and than told him he can search for cool things in the house. I quickly hopped into the bath tube myself and took a quick shower before changing into this I put my hair up into a bun and went searching for Drew.

"Drew, Andrew, Honey where are you?" I walked downstairs and found the guys that were playing soccer across the street playing with Drew in the living room. I stood to side just watching Drew entertain them with his cheeky and charming personality.

"Hey Drew did you make new friends?" I asked walking into the living room. I froze when I saw the blonde haired boy that was holding Drew. No it couldn't be him, could it." Niall?" I questioned. Drew came to my side and Niall stood up staring at me. He walked over and gave me a hug,"Darcy" he whispered to me. I couldn't believe it, it's been three years and I have taking care of his son by myself. The tears started building in eyes and the lump in my throat started getting bigger, this was the best moment ever. We stood there still hugging until one of the boys coughed really loud interrupting our hug. We pulled apart and stared into each others eyes for awhile."Um guys this is Darcy, she was my first love and my last love before Xfactor and she is a really good friend of mine." I admired what he said and than waved to the rest of the boys. Niall turned his attention back to me," And Darcy these are band members, Zayn, Louis, Harry, Liam and were one direction," He stated gesturing them to me and they all said a Hello."Niall, I want you to meet my son Andrew." I gestured Drew to come and he came and held my hand."Hey buddy, My names Niall and I'm a really old friend of your wonderful mother." He mentioned raising his eyebrow at me before looking at Drew again.  One of the guys got up, Liam I think,"So you need help with unpacking?" he questioned and I got back to reality and walked out to the moving truck. I grabbed a couple boxes and handed to them. Before we knew we got all the boxes inside. "Okay so this is the Harry and Louis star unpacking the kitchen supplies, Zayn you help me with the boxes in my room, Liam you have the bathroom, and Niall help Drew with his room. Okay split." I demanded walking up the stairs with Zayn on my trail.

"Zayn you can get the shoes out of the boxes and when your done with that I need you to do this box." I asked handing him a box and he nodded and got to work. I was folding and putting away my clothes, I thought things were going great. We had small chats and we laughed and fooled around but got right back to work. He was telling me about his life and his career. I was telling him about my life and how it has been with Drew." So who is the father?" He questioned and my mind went blank, I didn't know what to tell him."Oh it's this guy I hooked up with after Niall left for Xfactor." I said, hoping he would believe me. He nodded and started packing again."Um..Darcy?" He called and I looked over at him and he was holding a pair of bra that had kisses printed on it. I quickly got up and snatched it from him and the box he had. I must have turned a shade of red because I was heating up and I looked over at Zayn and he was blushing too. "Um...I'll do these and you can take that box over there." I pointed to a small box in the corner. After more of asking questions and fooling around, we finally were done. I stepped back and looked at our work and Zayn did the same."Welcome home!" He had said.


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