Same Mistakes

Darcy has known Niall Horan ever since she was in diapers. Niall and Darcy started dating during their middle school years. She was 16 when she found out she was pregnant with Niall's baby. She was too scared and worried Niall would leave her if she had told him. The day Darcy was going to tell him he went and auditioned on X-Factor. Darcy still hasn't told him the truth because she didn't want him to quit his dreams of becoming a singer. But that was three years ago and now Darcy and her son Andrew have been living a lovely life, while Niall was living his dream with his band one direction. But what happens when you move to London and meet a mysterious boy that lives down the street from you?


3. Too much to hold in

I walked into Drew's room to check on him with Zayn on my trail. I stopped at the door staring at Drew, who was on the floor giggling and Niall was hovering over him tickling him. I must have day dreamed because I felt Zayn's hot breath hitting my neck. I awkwardly stepped into the room and grinned at Drew once he had looked up at me.

"Hey mommy can Niall be my new best friend?" He questioned struggling to get out of Niall's grip. I giggled and than felt my cheeks heat up.

"Yeah sure honey." I managed to say without giggling at Drew. Than grumbling sound filled up the air in the room. It was coming from me? Yeah I was starving but didn't really notice till now, Drew came over and poked my stomach.

"Mommy is there a monster in your tummy?" He worried but It was so cute. I shook my head still giggling. "No honey I'm just hungry, Hey do you want to go find grandpa and go out for lunch?" I questioned

"No we can't because grandpa left somewhere, sorry I forget to tell you mommy." He explained upset that he had forgotten. "Its okay well just have to find a nice place near here to eat, Okay" That had brought his mood back up.

"Actually we were going to grab a bit too, We wouldn't mind if came along." Niall suggested rubbing his head. He usually did that when he is nervous. I looked back at Drew.

"would you like that?" I questioned hoping he would say yes because I was so starving I could eat a horse.

"Yeah lets go!" He said excitedly grabbing Niall's sleeve and dragging him out the door. I turned their direction and completely forgot that Zayn was standing there. I bowed my head down and followed Drew and Niall out the door.I quickly grabbed my jacket and phone off the counter before walking to the boys. 


Zayn's Pov

Darcy was very nice and fit. Wait what am I thinking she is Niall's girl. Well not technically they broke up, so I guess time to make my move. Wait what about Perrie I couldn't betray her. I don't know what to do now? I didn't notice I was left in the room alone until I started staring at the blue wall in Drew's room. I quickly cleared my mind and walked to Louis to talk to him about my situation.

Darcy's Pov

We had decided on taking separate cars. I insisted on taking my own car with Drew, but they kept deny it telling me I will get lost. So we decided that Louis, Zayn, and Harry go in Louis's car and Liam,Niall, Drew, and I all go with Liam.  Before walking out the door with the boys I checked if I had everything first. We got into the car and it was Liam driving with Niall by his side, than me and Drew in the back. We had small conversation then and there, but most of the time Niall and Liam were chatting and Niall will drag me into the conversation.

Liam's phone goes off during the ride there and he asked Niall to pick it up.

"Hello?" He questioned into the phone

"Niall, Are we still going to Nando's?" The person on the other end of the phone questioned

"Yeah, But the one by London shopping center." He demanded

Great! I love that place. I remember Niall and I had our first date at Nando's. Tears were building in my eyes but I forced them not to go down my cheeks. Seeing Niall again hurt, when I see him I think of the times I would stay in my room with a big bowl of ice cream and a big belly. I couldn't bottle up all my emotion again, its too much to hold in.I noticed Niall staring at me through the rear view mirror, he had a concerned look on his face slightly frowning. I looked toward Drew so he wouldn't see my eyes turning red. 

After the awkward silence that filled in the car really fast, we had finally made it to Nando's. We all walked into Nando's and I was holding Drew's hand while he was skipping toward the booth Louis, Harry, and Zayn where sitting at. I sat next to Zayn and other side of me Niall and than Drew next to him. I got really upset that Drew didn't want to sit by me.

We had ordered our food and were patiently waiting for Louis and Harry to come back with the food.

"So do you like London so far?" Zayn asked Drew from across the table.

Drew gave Zayn a cheeky smile and than answered, "I Love it!" whilst jumping up and wrapping his hands around Niall. I giggled and so did Niall while he accepted the hug.

"Food is served." I turned around and Harry and Louis were walking towards us with food in their hands.

I might have jumped a bit because Zayn laughed,"You excited." I nudged playfully.




I am soo sorry for not writing! I feel super duper bad! But guess what I have more Ideas but I really looking for a co-writer! any takers??






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