Same Mistakes

Darcy has known Niall Horan ever since she was in diapers. Niall and Darcy started dating during their middle school years. She was 16 when she found out she was pregnant with Niall's baby. She was too scared and worried Niall would leave her if she had told him. The day Darcy was going to tell him he went and auditioned on X-Factor. Darcy still hasn't told him the truth because she didn't want him to quit his dreams of becoming a singer. But that was three years ago and now Darcy and her son Andrew have been living a lovely life, while Niall was living his dream with his band one direction. But what happens when you move to London and meet a mysterious boy that lives down the street from you?


1. Andrew James Horan

I was moving down to London because my father has bought Andrew and I a house. I really didn't mind moving because the flat we have been living in before was quite small for Andrew and I. Yes Andrew is my three year old soon. I know you might ask how but I was pregnant with him when I was sixteen, while his father went and become famous singer in a band. But I was perfectly fine with that, I didn't want ruin his dreams because of a mistake. But don't get me wrong it was the best mistake I have ever made.

I was helping Drew organize his clothes in boxes. Drew is a wonderful son, the best actually. Drew has brown hair and blue eyes, he looks exactly like Niall. Drew is very energetic, he is my little monkey. He has really great manners and is a big flirt, probably gets that from his father too. Andrew was in the his closet helping me fold his clothes.

"Mommy, Who is my daddy?" Andrew questioned

I was worried he would ask me this question one day. I struggled to come up with an answer. "Drew, your father is a very busy man and he would love to meet you but he doesn't have time but one day you will meet him." I explained while not trying to give to much information.

"Mommy, are we done yet?"  I sighed in relief that he didn't ask me another question about his father. I giggled and patted his head " We're almost done sweetheart, but go get washed up for dinner okay?" He gave me a kiss on the cheek and ran down the hall. I quickly packed the last of his room. 

I rushed down to the kitchen and made drew a quick sandwich because of the packing that's all I had time for. I sat at the table across from Drew watching him carefully eat his food. I remember just years ago I was feeding him myself and struggled to make it through without my friends and family. I ruffled his hair and gave him a kiss before going back to putting the boxes in the truck we have rented.

Once I had finished I collapsed on the coach. Drew came up and started jumping on the coach. "Mommy, when can we leave?" I slowly got up and giggled. 

"Whenever you want sweetheart?' tickling him while he laughed in excitement. He struggled to get anything out but I mange to her this. "Can...We go...Today!" I stopped for a minute and thought about. I then looked at the darkness outside. It was a good idea we can get a head start on unpacking when we get there. " yeah sure let me just call grandpa okay and than you can get in the car." I suggested before I got up and left I poked him in the stomach, which made him giggle. I grabbed my phone and walked to my room. I dialed my dad's number and waited for him to pick up.

'Hello?" He questioned

"hey, dad I wanted to know if you can come down to London with me in a couple minutes." I asked

"Sure I'll be over in a minute or two." He answered

I also made a phone call to the airport. I walked back to the living room and saw Drew on the floor with his Ipod in his hands. I walked up behind and scoped him off the floor and started playing with him. "Mommy Mommy, so are we going." He asked still giggling.
"Lets hit the road" I said and a grin appeared on his face.


Hope you guys like! sorry its short but I'll make it up.

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