A Thousand Chances(15+)

**"Dani." Louis says. I look up and he takes my chin. Our eyes locked. I let the water run over my hands. He leans in and our lips meet. I kissed back....wait a minute...I KISSED HIM BACK! He puts his finger though my hair and I don't pull away. I put my wet hand on his face. He starts kissing me more intensively now. Not as much forceful but passionate enough for me to return the favor."**

*Louis/Niall Fan-Fic*

*All I own is the story! Not any of the lyrics.*
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7. Chapter 7

Louis' P.O.V

I can't believe I just did that. She's so upset. But that was......amazing! I actually think I am in love with her. We said nothing to each other as we went to music class. I could feel that there were still blood stains on my face and her face was stained with tears. I stopped her. "We can't go into class looking like this." she nodded and headed for the girls bathroom. I went into the boys room. I stood over the sink with the mirror over it. I washed my face and just looked into the mirror. I saw a face. I regretted everything that had happened. I was ashamed. I heard a knock on the door. "Louis?" I heard her sweet voice chirp. I smiled at the sound then shuffled to the door. Opening the door, Dani grabs my shirt and pushes me back in the bathroom. She attacks my lips with a long passionate kiss. I push her up against the stall door pulling away. I turn away when she pulls me back. "No regrets." I lean in and kiss her 1...2..3...4 times before she jumps and wraps her legs around me. We pull a part and she look into my eyes and smiles sincerely. "There are no regrets to what I am about to say." I say putting her down. She gently touches the back of my neck and plays with my hair. 'I Love You Dani." She presses her lips together and then slowly kisses me. "Call me Danielle." "Danielle Lawrence I love you." she smiled took my hand and walked out of the bathroom.

Her fingers entwine with mine as we walk through the halls making our way to music. When we walk in I see all the boys look over to us, along with everyone else in the room. There are whispers all around and blank stares. We walk to a spot where no one is sitting and hold hands the entire time. The teacher didn't even notice we were late. When the bell rang everyone came over to us but we only talked to her friends and the boys. "Thought you said you couldn't have her?" Harry said. "He took quite a spill for her, I think that's how you got her." said Niall. Zayn patted me on the back "So when's the wedding cuz I wanna look my best which means more sleep." I laughed at all their comments. Dani came over and gave me a peck on the lips. "I'm going to steal you for a second." she said pulling me away.

Dani's P.O.V

I walked out of the school,  hand in hand with Louis. I guess I was getting over....no i am not even going to say his name. "I suddenly forgotten how to get to my house." Louis looked at me with big blue puppy dog eyes. "Help me?" I laughed. "I am sorry i can't, i have to meet up Penelope. Soon though I promise."  I gave him one long kiss and pulled away. "Bye. I will text you tonight beautiful." he walked away still looking at me to the van where all the boys were. I smiled at him and walked back into the school. I looked through the entire school for Penelope and there was no sign of her. When I came to the back of the school I turned a corner to see a distraught, crying, Ethan. "Ethan? Are you okay?" He looked up and I actually saw his eyes, which were now red from crying. "Go away Dani!" He started walking away. I stopped him , "Why are you crying?!" I demanded. He didn't face me. "It should be you." he mumbles. "What?" "IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN YOU!!!" he yelled. "JACK SHOULD STILL BE ALIVE!!!!" "You wanted me to die is that it?" I said tearing.

He dropped to the floor. "No, but if you both died I wouldn't be living like this." I looked at him. "With what?" ''Guilt." he said. "What guilt?" "Dani, did you know that before the accident Jack and I had a fight." he looked at me. I shook my head. "Well we did, and do you know what it was about?" "No.....what?" "It was about you. He just told me about what happened to you..." I looked down. "I don't know what you are talking about." He stands up. "Yes you do!" he takes my shoulders. "You....were....pregnant!" I closed my eyes trying not to think about it all. "And it was his....it ruined me." I look up confused with tears coming down my cheeks. "Why?" He took his hands off my shoulders. "Because Dani, I loved you." He looked straight into my eyes. Did he just say that? Then, he stared off in a daze "That night he expected me to be happy and found out I like you. He told me to stop thinking of you. When he left, I wish he was dead, then I wake up the next morning to a phone call saying he is.I was relieved you were alive but I lost my best friend and I didn't feel guilty for loving his girl after. " He looked down in shame. "There was a time after the accident when I saw you in school and you came up to me and said, 'He was amazing and the world never knew.' I was thinking about you said and I thought if I never loved you, if you never came into our lives," he looked at me. "If he....if I never saw that beautiful smile and fell in love, he might still be here today." I saw an honest, sincere smile on his face. I haven't that since in a while.I stepped back, tearing. "Do you still?" He looked at me out of his daze, "Do I still what?" I looked in his eyes."Love me?" "Maybe. Seeing you with Louis today, and how he defended you after what I called you, It just reminded me all of Jack. Do you even love him?" I stopped crying . "You look at him the same way but you don't treat him the same." he said "You know that that's not true.I have to go!" I say walking away. He grabs my shoulder. "We are not done yet." " I am" I say pulling away. I run to outside the school. I sat on the bench I sat yesterday with Louis. Louis...do I love him?I started to cry. "Dani?" I heard a a girls voice say. It was Penelope. "I have been looking all over for you, what's wrong?" she said sitting down rubbing my back. "Ethan!" I scream. "What did he do?" "H-he just told me that...that....OH MY GOD!" I screamed. "What?! What did he tell you?" I looked at her. "He told me that he loved me."

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