A Thousand Chances(15+)

**"Dani." Louis says. I look up and he takes my chin. Our eyes locked. I let the water run over my hands. He leans in and our lips meet. I kissed back....wait a minute...I KISSED HIM BACK! He puts his finger though my hair and I don't pull away. I put my wet hand on his face. He starts kissing me more intensively now. Not as much forceful but passionate enough for me to return the favor."**

*Louis/Niall Fan-Fic*

*All I own is the story! Not any of the lyrics.*
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45. Chapter 43

Niall's P.O.V

I woke up this morning and decided to take a hot shower. After the shower i looked out the window. The grass was covered by a white sheet of snow. Everything almost slipped my mind, Dani's pregnant. I sit down on my bed and run my hand through my wet hair. I look back at the snow. I decide to go out for walk even though it's currently snowing. I walk down stairs in jeans and my white tee-shirt with 'punk' written on it. I grab a heavy jacket and throw on some of my older shoes. I take my keys and walk out the door and walk down the snow covered walkway. I walk about five blocks until I see someone laying in what looks like garbage. I see some long brown hair and a tight black dress. i remove some of the garbage and wipe the hair from her ice cold face. It was Serena. Her eyes open to me and she stares at me. Her mouth opens but nothing comes out. "Serena? Are you- What happened?" She just stared at me and did absolutely nothing else. I picked her up. She was so cold. "Have you been out here all night?" Her head nods slowly. I sprint back to the house and lay her down in the front seat of my car. I hop in and drive to the hospital.

In a matter of fifteen minutes, we make it to the hospital. I grab her from the car and she has now closed her eyes. "No Serena, wake up!" I run to the hospital and go up to the receptionist . " She's been out all night ,lying in snow and garbage. She can't speak or do anything! Please help her!" the woman calls for a gurney and I lay her down on it stroking her forehead. Her eyes still haven't opened. I place my warm lips on her frozen forehead before they bring her into the emergency room. I run to the door and I get stopped by the nurse. "Please stay out here sir! We will let you know what happens." She gives me a sad smile and runs through the door. I sit down in a chair in a waiting room and wait. I sigh and look around. I see a doctor taking to a tall brunette boy who looks a lot like...wait it is Louis! I see him start to cry and then walk over to one of the rooms. I slowly walk up to the door as they shut it. I put my head to the door and see if i could hear what was happening. I can't hear a thing. I look through the glass and I see Dani in a hospital bed.

I am about to knock when someone says, "Excuse me sir?" the nurse from before stands in front of me. "You can see your girlfriend now." "Oh, she's not my girlfriend. Just a friend."She nods and leads me to Serena's room. I see her laying down in the bed with tubes sticking out her nose and the monitor beeping, keeping track of her heartbeat. The nurse leaves me with her and closes the door behind me. I walk up to her and place m hand on her arm. She beginning to warm up, but she is still freezing. I see her greenish eyes open and look at me. "Niall?" she says. "Where am I?" I shush her. "You're in the hospital. I found you in the snow and garbage. Do you remember what happened Serena?" she looked down and tried to remember. "I just got out of the restaurant with Vince. We went to his house and he started drinking vodka with his friends." she closed her eyes. "He tried to get me in the bed with him. I thought he was joking, so I pushed him and he threw me on the bed. I picked up his bed side lamp but he took it from me. He hit me with it and...that's all I remember." A tears streams down her face yet she shows no emotion. "I've seen him get out of control but I can't believe he hurt me. I loved him." I moved down to her hand and held it tight. "He doesn't deserve you." I say. She looked up at me. "Then, what do I deserve?" I shrugged and held her close. "Anyone else." I say. She cries into my chest. "Niall?" she says. "Yes." "Can you stay with me?" she looks up at me with puppy dog eyes. I nod and kiss the crown of her head again. She's still cold but she's getting warmer.

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