A Thousand Chances(15+)

**"Dani." Louis says. I look up and he takes my chin. Our eyes locked. I let the water run over my hands. He leans in and our lips meet. I kissed back....wait a minute...I KISSED HIM BACK! He puts his finger though my hair and I don't pull away. I put my wet hand on his face. He starts kissing me more intensively now. Not as much forceful but passionate enough for me to return the favor."**

*Louis/Niall Fan-Fic*

*All I own is the story! Not any of the lyrics.*
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43. Chapter 41 (RED ALERT)

Harry's P.O.V

I stood in the bathroom for a good three minutes before a girl walked in and saw me. She had long blonde hair, big brown eyes and was wearing the tightest dress possible. She was pretty, but she wasn't Dani. This pain needed to go though. She stood there and looked at me. "You're-Your're H-H-H-" I walked up to her and put my hand over her lips. I pushed her into the open stall door. "Don't say anything, just pleasure me." i said with no emotion. She nodded still in shock. I pulled down her dress and I unbutton my pants. "I'm a virgin." she said. "then this should be something you'll never forget. i pulled down her underwear and I thrusted myself in her going in and out ignoring her screams. This wasn't giving me any happiness. I kissed her lips to stop her screaming and shoved my tongue down her throat. This was emotionless, to stop the pain. It's not working. I pulled up my pants and walked out of the stall. "So that's it?You don't even want my name?" the girl said. I shook my head and walked out of the bathroom.

Louis' P.O.V

I called the ambulance shortly after Dani passed out. I didn't know what to do, this whole day has been very overwhelming and all. I sat in the hospital cahir awaiting the news on Dani. While there I thought about the event of today. I found out I'm going to be father and my best friend is in love with my girlfriend. My hand crept to the inside of my jacket, I skimmed the box. It's all ruined. Correction, my best friend is in love with my soon-to-be fiance.

*I AM SO SORRY IT'S SO SHORT! I am writing a new movella and yes it's not a one direction fan-fic but I am working really hard on it and it would so much if you guys would just look at it. thanks cheekeys I will write more soon!*

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