A Thousand Chances(15+)

**"Dani." Louis says. I look up and he takes my chin. Our eyes locked. I let the water run over my hands. He leans in and our lips meet. I kissed back....wait a minute...I KISSED HIM BACK! He puts his finger though my hair and I don't pull away. I put my wet hand on his face. He starts kissing me more intensively now. Not as much forceful but passionate enough for me to return the favor."**

*Louis/Niall Fan-Fic*

*All I own is the story! Not any of the lyrics.*
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35. Chapter 34

Louis' P.O.V

I stand over the counter not being able process what i am looking at. Three pregnancy tests, all testing positive. I look at Dani who is curled up in a ball crying. I go over to her and kiss her back. "What do you want to do?" I say. She raises her head and finally says in a weak voice. "I don't know." I hold her and she begins to cry again. I love Danielle, I do, I would love a child with her but....wait there are no 'buts' I love her, I will love this baby as well. I touch her stomach and say, "I love you Danielle, and I will support you through this." she weeps more into my chest. "I don't want to give it up, and i don't want an abortion I just...." she cries. I shush her and rub her back. She's distraught, who wouldn't be in this situation. She lost one baby but she will not lose this one.

Niall's P.O.V

I walk up in my bed thinking about last night and Dani's kiss. I have missed it so much. She said no strings attached though. She still loves Louis, but I still love her so much. I get out of bed and open my blinds. About 30 screaming girls are on our lawn. I close the blinds right away and walk out into the hall. "HARRY!LIAM!ZAYN!LOUIS! DID YOU LOOK OUTSIDE YET?" I scream. I walk into Liam's room and I see Penelope and him in bed together still sleeping. I close the door and go into Harry's room. He is still sleeping and the same with Zayn. I go into Louis' room and no one's there. I go downstairs, and no one's there. Finally I look at the clock. 7:56. Wow! I am up early!

Dani's P.O.V

I don't want to believe that yet again I have a person inside of me. I can't so this again, but it's Louis'. I get up off the bathroom floor and go to my phone again. I call the doctor and make an appointment for 9 am. Louis gets dressed and comes with me. The whole car ride there was silent. I honestly don't know what to say and I don't think he does either. We get to the office and I sign in. No one was there so we went in pretty quickly. Going down the hallway there all posters about pregnancy and protection which makes me even more nervous. Louis grabs my hand. i smile faintly and brush his arm. The doctor does all the standard stuff, which is very uncomfortable unfortunately. I take a test to make sure of the pregnancy. I take a deep breathe. "Don't be nervous, so what if you are pregnant?" he says. "So what if I'm pregnant?What about prom?Graduation?MY PARENTS!" I complain. God why I am so angry?! Louis laughs a bit. "What's so funny?" I snap. He hides his mouth and says, "Hormones kicking in." he laughs even harder which makes me smile. "See, I made you smile. Don't be nervous, I will love the both of you the same." He kisses my stomach, making me giggle. "We will be a family. And you and I will be the coolest parents ever!" he says with a funny face. I laugh. The doctor comes in. She gives a solemn look and says, "So Ms.Lawrence..." she waits a moment and looks at Louis. "And Mr.Tomlinson...." she looks back at me. "Congratulations! You have a baby on your hands!"If I heard that about an hour ago I might've cried, but hearing what Louis just said about us being a family gave me hope. Louis smiles  and hugs me tightly. The doctor congratulates us one more time and we leave the office.

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