Adopted by One Direction

This story is about a 1 1/2 year old Teddy who was abused by her mother and father at the age of 5 months (if your asking what kind of parents do this too a 5 month old child these drunken idiots do) ever since her next door neighbor came over at one of her beatings her parents went to jail and she is now in an orphanage which everyone there hates her too. TEDDY IS LIKE MATILDA OKAY. MAY CONTAIN LARRY STYLINSON!!!


8. Late.

*Teddy's P.O.V.*

Today were going to an amusement park, Daddy and i are going to ride all the rides except the big roller coasters they are scary. First, were going to ride boats they were my favorite we wrecked a couple times! Our time ran up really fast soon it was time to get to there concert but it was time to go and Harry and Louis weren't back at the bus yet everyone except them were here Liam tried to call their phones but they didn't answer and he was getting mad!

*Harry's P.O.V.* 

Louis and I are on the Fandango for the 4th time today we were having so much fun! We had gotten some dip'n dots, cotton candy and some other junk food. Our ride had just stopped and we got our bags and checked our phones it was almost 6 

"Shit Harry we are going to be late to our concert the boys must be pissed!!" Louis said freaking out 

"Well let's hurry" We both bolted down the walkway and ran towards the parking lot, people yelling cause we bumped them. 

*Teddy's P.O.V.*

The boys are chatting about how there going to find Harry and Louis. I was watching the chaos around us. All of a sudden i hear to people running and other people yelling at them, I see one with brown curly hair and the other with brown shaggy hair!

"HARRY, LOUIS" I yelled scaring the boys talking Harry and Louis finally got back to the bus and are out of breath

"What the hell boys! we had to leave here at 5:30 and its 6 what took you so long?" Liam scolded 

"We were on the other side of the park and lost track of time were sorry LiLi" Louis joked

"Now were going to be late! Let's Go!" Liam yelled everyone pilled into the car.

We had finally got to the arena the boys sang there songs, answered questions, and did other weird things. It was 9 when we left to go to another state to play.  

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