Adopted by One Direction

This story is about a 1 1/2 year old Teddy who was abused by her mother and father at the age of 5 months (if your asking what kind of parents do this too a 5 month old child these drunken idiots do) ever since her next door neighbor came over at one of her beatings her parents went to jail and she is now in an orphanage which everyone there hates her too. TEDDY IS LIKE MATILDA OKAY. MAY CONTAIN LARRY STYLINSON!!!


2. Home Sweet Home


 "Okay see ya"He said walking away great scared another adopter away just great.

 *Nialls P.O.V.*

Once we arrived the girls were screaming at us because ya know were one direction well anyway I didn't want to here the yelling at me so I scaned the room I saw a little girl in the corner of the room she had her knees to her chest hugging them and she was crying I wonder why though I walked over to her she must of seen me cause she lifted her head and looked at me I asked her what her name is she said Teddy I replied that's a pretty name my name is niall(I was trying to be friendly) When she said my name it was so cute she said niawll she told me how old she was which was 1 1/2 years old just in our range of age. I said goodbye so I could find the guys when I was interupted by a 5 year old that was a little to snobby for us. "Hello I saw you talking to that scum bag over there I thought that you either needed glasses or a new person to adopt so I went with my second option"She stated what an ass like seriously does she know shes not going to be adopted (sorry for the languge) "Umm... sorry we already picked someone" with that she scofted and walked away thank god. I ran over to the boys.

"Heyy guys guess what!!"I said

"What you look happy!!"Liam stated

"I found the one guys her name is Teddy she is 1 1/2 shes so cute shes over there in the corner"I claimed. They all looked over at Teddy

"OMG Niall shes really pretty"Harry yelled

"Tell me about it can we keep her please please please!!!"I asked

"YES lets go adopt her"Louis anounced

We all walked over towards the adoption lady

"Hello how may i help you"She slurred my guess she tipsy

"Yes were here to adopt someone"Harry said

"Okay who are you looking for??"She said

"We would like to adopt Teddy please"I said she tensed

"Um shes not ready shes never going to get adopted ever can you take graice or marie??"She breathed

"NO we want Teddy and thats it!!"I yelled

"I'm sorry she isnt available at this moment"She said

"Well we are adopting her OR we are going to call the cops and have them arrest you for being drunk 24/7 and guess what theres no alcohal in jail!!"Zayn yelled

"OK OK here is her papers"She sighed and gave us the papers and went to the restrooms

"Who should adopt her"Louis asked

"I think Niall should since he found her"Liam stated

"Yes Teddy Horan its so cute"I said

I signed the adoption form while the boys went out to the car I put the papers on the table and went to find Teddy.

*Teddys P.O.V.*

Oh my I just wish i didnt scare him away I really liked him i sat here for awhile than i noticed Lara standing in front of me yeah here comes the beating

"Yess?"I questioned

"I hate you they should be adopting me not you!!"She scoffed

"What there not adoptin me! are they?"I asked

"OH You dont know do you. you scared them away thank you very much well goodbye fag"That hurt me very much I started to cry again in my knees when someone hugged me. I jumped and looked and it was Niall

"Hey whats wrong"He asked

"Nothing why??"I asked

"Well you were crying so oh and go get your bag okay"He stated

"what why"

"I adopted you sweety go get your bag"With that i ran up to get my bag and ran back down he sat there at the end of the stairs waiting for me I wentt over towards him he stood up and asked if i was ready i said yes and rasied my arms for him to pick me up he smiled and lifted me up and carried me towards the car.

*A/N hey guys sorry i havent updated in a while i was busy and hope you like and thanks for the nice comments love ya *

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