Adopted by One Direction

This story is about a 1 1/2 year old Teddy who was abused by her mother and father at the age of 5 months (if your asking what kind of parents do this too a 5 month old child these drunken idiots do) ever since her next door neighbor came over at one of her beatings her parents went to jail and she is now in an orphanage which everyone there hates her too. TEDDY IS LIKE MATILDA OKAY. MAY CONTAIN LARRY STYLINSON!!!


6. America <3

*Teddy's P.O.V.*

After we got to America we were surrounded by like a trillion screaming girls they had signs saying "Harry i love you" or "I LOVE ONE DIRECTION" "CARROTS" "NIALL I'M IRISH" "DADDY DIRECTION" these girls are crazy Uncle Paul got us out of there and into another car gosh i hate cars. I started to bawl my eyes out Daddy saw me and cradled me in his arms with his awesome voice singing to me untill i fell asleep (i'm a baby i fall asleep all the time) 

*Niall's P.O.V.*

After i got Teddy asleep we had to plan are American tour and sightseeing places are tour kicked off in Pennsylvania we have to go to Amusement parks like Knoebels, Hershey, Delgrossos etc. In the limo there are 8 seats two seats in 4 rows Harry and Louis are in the back me and Teddy are in the seats in front of them and Zayn and Liam are in front of us and Paul driving we have an 8 hr drive to our destination so everyone is sleeping and that's what i'm going to do.


Heyy guys i'm so sorry that i haven't been updating I've been busy it's Summer here in Pennsylvania no i didn't just put Pennsylvania in my story because i live there i put it in cause i don't know any other Amusement parks. A lot of people are starting school, in the comments write when your starting and what country or state you live in. I would like to know when your starting :). If you want a Shout-Out in my story all you have to do is comment which part of my story is your favorite I'll be picking 5 people plus what should you guys the readers/my fans be called if i like it you'll be having a Shout-Out too.

My Twitter:@SierraStevens5 

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I Love You Guys Have a great rest of Summer or if you started School!! BYEE!!! :) :) <3 <3


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