Adopted by One Direction

This story is about a 1 1/2 year old Teddy who was abused by her mother and father at the age of 5 months (if your asking what kind of parents do this too a 5 month old child these drunken idiots do) ever since her next door neighbor came over at one of her beatings her parents went to jail and she is now in an orphanage which everyone there hates her too. TEDDY IS LIKE MATILDA OKAY. MAY CONTAIN LARRY STYLINSON!!!


4. A new start??

*Nialls P.O.V.*

Once i made sure Teddy fell asleep I got up and walked downstairs to see the boys I found them in the kitchen

"Heyy guys" I said

"Hey hows Teddy"Liam asked

"Oh shes okay just had a horrible nightmare"

"OMG what was it"Louis whisper yelled

"She said that her father was drunk and had a bottle in his hand she whimpered and he heard her and hit her over the head. One thing i think this happed earlier in her life i have what happened to her in the adoption papers lets see."

Adoption Paper Below dotted line


Name: Teddy Rose     Age: 1 1/2    Sex: Female    Hair color: Brown curly    Eye color: Very light Blue      Weighs: 17 lbs     Parent(s): Robert Evans, Sherryl Evans   <- both in jail for child abbuse 

 Teddy was about 5 months when she was brought to the orphanage the police said that her neighbor heard crying and her father yelling and he quoted "You are a fucking scank i wish i never had you, you will never get away again faggot" so he rushed over and what he saw was Robert hitting Teddy with a beer bottle he called the police and saved her life her parents where found guilty and ordered life in prison.

 Adoptive parent(s): Niall Horan   Name:Teddy Rose Horan

 Didn't get sent back yet.


"OMG thats horrible" Harry cryed

"I wouldnt do that to my teddybear"I sobbed into liams shoulder

"Niall calm down i know you wouldn't"Liam said kissing the top of my head

"Thanks LiLi"

"Your welcome Ni" ( Aww some NIAM )

"Who would do such a thing"Zayn stated trying to stay strong

"Them"Louis said trying to lighten the mood

"Yeah i guess your right "Zayn answered

After we read that we made some food and walked to the living room and watched the news

* Hello did you see that One Directions Niall Horan adopted a little girl *

* No i didnt did you?*

* yes she is so cute we saw them yesterday *

#TV turned off#

"Why cant we be left alone LiLi?"I questioned

"Were famous Ni"Liam stated


We all heard come from upstairs we rushed upstairs with me in front i barged into our room and found Teddy sobbing like crazy Liam ran over and held her

"Shh Teddybear whats wrong??"Liam asked

"I Cccouldnttt finddd Ddddaddy!"She cryed i walked over and picked her up and craddled her in my arms the boys walked over and watch

"im right here sweety your alright"
"I want PAPA to hold me!!" she asked

( PAPA=Liam DADDY=Niall DAD=Harry DADA=Zayn DADDYBEAR=Louis)

I gave her to Liam and he cradled her to sleep

*A/N Heyy guys here is an update im sorry for being forever im trying to find good ideas ive been looking at all your comments I feel so loved you guys!!!

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I'll try to update when i can This is one of my most favorite storys on here from you guys






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