Larry Stylinson - They don't know about us

Harry and louis met each other at x factor, and its love at first sight. No one knows if it is real, coz management try to hide it.


2. Louis POV

He crashed his lips on mine. I was overwhelmed by the power of the kiss. He pulled away and smiled at me. " Good" i said " Cuz I love you too Hazza" I said to him. There was a knock at the door, and I went to go see who it was. " Hey Liam and Jaz" Harry said, when I opened the door. " come on then, lets go!" I said, and we walked to Liams car. I sat in the back, next to Harry, and Jaz sat next to Liam, in the front. I cuddled up with Harry in the back untill we got near the shops. Wen we got out we were in a pool of paperazzi, wanting to know who Jaz is, and stuff about Haz and me. We just ignored them, and went into the shops.

* 3 hours later *

Li, Im hungry!" said Jaz to Liam. " We can go to Mcdonalds if you want." Said Liam. " YAY! FOOOD!!!" I screamed at the top of my voice. We went to the nearest mcdonalds and grabbed some food. We took it home and said bye to Liam and Jaz.

We got inside and and sat down to eat. " Wanna watch a movie, Haz" I asked Harry.

"Yea sure, what should we watch, Babe?" He said, and smiled at me. i Love it when he calls me babe, it makes the butterflys tickle the walls of my stomach, and my spine tingle. "What about a romantic film?" I said, winking at him. " Sure, can we watch Love actually" He said. It was both of our fave film. "Sure, babe!" I said and smiled at him.

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