Larry Stylinson - They don't know about us

Harry and louis met each other at x factor, and its love at first sight. No one knows if it is real, coz management try to hide it.


1. Harrys POV

"Hey lou, do you want to go out shopping" I asked him. " Yes, of course, babe" he said. I loved it when he called me babe, it made me feel special, and I didnt realize I was smiling when he said that. " Why are you smiling, Hazza?" he asked. "No reason." I lied. I hated lying to him. " I gotta go get changed!" he said, and went to his room in our flat. I followed  behind him and went to mine, wich was across from his. I put on some jeans, and a Hollister jumper, over my Plain white top. "Ready babe?' Louis said, knocking on my door. "Yea" I said and came out. "Can Liam and his new girlfriend come with us?" Louis asked me. " Whos his girlfriend?" I asked. " This girl he met in the park, her names Jazmine" he said. "Ok Ill go call him" I said, and took my phone out  of my pocket. I scrolled through my contacts, and eventually found Liam. I pressed call and waited for him to pick up.

Liam - Hello?

Harry - Hey its Harry

Liam - Hi Harry

Harry - I was wondering, do you and your new girly friend wanna come shopping with me and Lou?

Liam - Sounds great, be there with Jaz in 10 mins ok

Harry - Ok bye!

Liam - Bye!

* End of phone call*

I ran to the kitchen where Lou was. " Hey Babe" I said. " Hey, are they coming?" " Yea, Liam said he'll be over with Jaz in 10 minutes" I said. " Cool" he said. "Hazza?' he said. "Yes Lou?"  " You love me right?' he said. " Of course I do BooBear!" I said, and we crashed our lips together.

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