Cupcake Wars

Cupcake makers, Aleshia and Kate Smith, figure out that two brothers opened a cupcake store next door. They will do anything to make the store go down in flames.


1. Open For The People... *Aleshia's POV*


"Good morning people of Nashville!! Welcome to our new cupcake store. Cupcake Mania!!" I yell.

Me an my sister Kate, had just opened our first cupcake making store in downtown Nashville, the people of this town have been waiting on the grand opening for over seven months. And now it was finally here, I never would've thought mine and Kate's talent at making cupcakes would turn out into a store and an actual job.

"Kate, I give you the honor of opening the door first." I say

"Thank you sissy, ladies and gentleman. Cupcake Mania is now open for buisness, come on in" She says

Everybody floods in and starts to buy cupcakes, while me and Kate stand at the door with our arms around each other.

"We did it!" I say

"I know!" She says

"Welp, we better get to work." I say

"Yep, let's go." She says

We walk in and see our store filled with people getting our amazing cupcakes :)



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