Cupcake Wars

Cupcake makers, Aleshia and Kate Smith, figure out that two brothers opened a cupcake store next door. They will do anything to make the store go down in flames.


2. New Neighbors... *Kate's POV*

 It was almost a month or two after our store's grand opening that we noticed something different about the way our store was running. The customers have been coming less often and we weren't getting enough money to keep our store open so me and Aleshia wanted to see what was going on.

"Aleshia, let's go!" I yell to my working sister trying to bake enough cupcakes for the next week.

"Alright." She yells back

We walk out of the store an see customers lined up to the end of the street at a new store... A new cupcake store that is.

"What the heck????" I yell

"I don't know sis but this is stupid." Aleshia says

Two boys start to walk up to us..

"Hello, I'm Zach and this is my brother Matt." The young boys says

"Hello, I'm Kate and this is Aleshia." I say

"I'm guessing you all run the cupcake store next to us?" Matt asks

"Yes we do, and you own this one." I say pointing to the gosh awuful store.

"Yes we do." He says giving me a dirty look

"Great, so I'm kinda getting the clue that we are gonna have some problems?" I ask

"Proablly so." Zach interupts.

Ohh great!!!

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