Cupcake Wars

Cupcake makers, Aleshia and Kate Smith, figure out that two brothers opened a cupcake store next door. They will do anything to make the store go down in flames.


3. Back In The Buisness... *Aleshia's POV*

   It was two weeks or more after we met the boys. And the competition was heating up.

"Those idiots are going down!!" Kate yells.

"Calm there sis, calm!!" I say

We see the idiots walking and come into our store.

"What do you all want?" Kate asks

"Our costumers back is what we want" Zach says

"It isn't our fault we have better cupcakes." I say

"We have the best cupcakes in town." Kate adds.

"Yeah right! You'll be out of town in the matter of a month." Matt says

"It's on bro!" Kate screams

"Yes it is!!" Matt yells

They walk out and we go on with our day.

"Stupid idiots!" Kate says

"I know right!" I say

"Let's just blow the competition off. It's no use to fight for the top spot in town Aleshia." Kate says

"No, we will fight. Wether it means we loose our store. We always have our home town to go to." I say

Bring it on brother!


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