The Rose That Makes The Difference

Dani is a struggling 18 year old girl. She is faced with torment and hate. She is an orphan to her so called family, but doesn't give up fighting. After moving out with her prince charming she thinks her life is falling in piece. Later her boyfriend is put through an accident that causes his fatality. She is blamed for all the problems that his family faces. On the boarder line of committing suicide she realizes there is much more to live for. Then she is surprised by her brother Niall J. Horan. Who she never thought was her brother. She is picked back up and faces life head on to make it through. Following her heart is the only rule she has.


11. What now?

Dani POV

"I finally found you!" I smiled. "But" I paused, "what do I do now?"  Niall looked at me for a while and grabbed my hand. He looked me in the eyes and said, "You mean what do we do now." I started to feel tears filling my eyes. I didn't hesitate to hug him. "And I don't know what else we are going to do than stick together" he whispered. We pulled away from the hug and I sat up. I tried to stand up, I was really wobbly. I was about to hit the floor but then Niall caught me. We started to laugh and talk.

Liam POV 

I walked upstairs and passed by Niall's room. I saw a crack was visible through the door. I looked and saw nothing. I opened the door all the way and saw no sign of Niall. I heard laughs and talking from the guest room. I walled out Niall's room. "Harry come here" i said from the stairs. Harry walked up the stairs towards me. We walked to the guest room and opened the door. "Dude stop" laughed the girl. "What are you doing?" I half yelled. "Playing with my sister." Smiled Niall. "Sister?" Me and Harry said together and looked at each other then back at Niall. "Niall are you sure?" Asked Harry. "I'm sure. I know I'm not wrong. I've always had dreams about her. And the same has happened to her." He explain. I didn't quite believe this. "You don't believe us do you?" Asked the girl. She looked at Niall and he looked at her. Her face started to turn red and Niall took a couple of quick steps to get to her. He tuck her head into his chest. He was shushing her so she wouldn't cry. "It's okay little sis." He told her. "Dani calm down" he told her. I felt guilty because I know it was my fault why she was crying. "I'm sorry" I said to the and walked  out  the room quietly.

Harry POV

Did I just find his sister? Is that really who he says? He never told us about him having any dreams about her. I wonder why he didn't. Maybe he just didn't feel comfortable talking about it. I found out her name. Dani. Daniella. Daniella Horan. Just like Niall seeing her cry is painful too. It was a little wrong for Liam to question if they are siblings. Do you think Niall would get mad if I... Nevermind. He'd probably kill me. I know I would be the same. I mean he's gone all his life without his sister and now he has her. I wouldn't want her to be with anyone else than me if I was him. 

Niall POV

Is this what it feels like to see me cry? If it is it hurts. Why did Liam do that. He's my bud and everything I forgive him but if I was him I wouldn't have done it. I tried to calm her down she did in about half an hour. She feel asleep. I kissed her cheek and laid her down on the bed. I pulled the covers up to her neck and kissed her forehead. I walked to the door turned of the lights and shut the door. I walked downstairs to the kitchen and found Liam and Harry. I wonder what Harry was doing he just syaring at his hands. I guess he was thinking. Liam looked at me and stood up. He walked around the couch and I saw Harry's eyes turm theor attention to us. "Niall" he paused, "i'm really sorry. I didn't mean to make her cry. It was an accident. I felt so guilty seeing her cry. It was wrong for me to do that. I'm hoping you'll forgive me. I never knew that was going to happen. Sorry Niall." He said. I laughed a bit. "Liam it's alright. I already forgave you I bet you she already did too. Anyways she's a bit emotional but she's asleep now if you're still having doubts we can take a DNA test." I responded. "That's what I was thinking" we heard Harry say still spaced out looking at the thin air. "Harry is something wrong?" I asked. "No I'm fine" he replied but he was still staring into thin air. Zayn walked in and his hair was messy. "Zayn I thought you had left." Said Liam. "Nope. I was asleep. What was up with all the noise. I thought I heard a girl. "You did" I smiled. "Man did you fuck someone?" He asked. "No" I laughed. "I finally have my sister" i smiled. He side hugged me. "Congrats Man" he patted my shoulders.

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