The Rose That Makes The Difference

Dani is a struggling 18 year old girl. She is faced with torment and hate. She is an orphan to her so called family, but doesn't give up fighting. After moving out with her prince charming she thinks her life is falling in piece. Later her boyfriend is put through an accident that causes his fatality. She is blamed for all the problems that his family faces. On the boarder line of committing suicide she realizes there is much more to live for. Then she is surprised by her brother Niall J. Horan. Who she never thought was her brother. She is picked back up and faces life head on to make it through. Following her heart is the only rule she has.


4. Okay!

"Cody, wake up, it's time for me to go." I whispered in his ear. "Dani" he said and sent his eyes fluttering open. "Okay buddy, I have too go. Be strong and remember I see you again one day Just you wait." I said grabbing my back pack. "Dani!?" he said softly I looked back at him. "Yes Cody?" I answered politely. "We are you going to live?"he asked."Don't worry Cody I'll be fine." I said with a reassuring voice. I walked over to him and gave him a big hug and a kiss. People always love my hugs but they don't love me...but Cody does. I waved at him and jumped out the window landing on my feet. I've done it a thousand times and now I can jump 2 story buildings without getting hurt. I grabbed my phone and tweeted. "Finally got away. Ima miss Cody but it'll work out" short simple pretty much it. I walked and walked and found myself in the middle of the city. It was beautiful but only one thing could make it better. I walked to a small ice cream shop. Shit! They were closed. Stupid stores closing at night. I checked twitter and checked what's trending. Somehow #Niallsmissingsister was trending. I know who Niall is but does he really have a missing sister?!? What is that all about. If it's not about me then why should I care. Then @Neon_green99 shared a link to the video of Niall's missing sister. I sat down at a bench and checked out the interview where he talked about her. It's pretty nice that he tries to find his sister but she probably doesn't remember him. I checked what's trending again and it was #RAW. Man I was missing wrestling. Damn! I love wrestling(ps. I do love wrestling my favorites are Sheamus, Sin Cara, and Zack Ryder). With a glum face I put my phone in my pocket and sat on the bench.

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