The Rose That Makes The Difference

Dani is a struggling 18 year old girl. She is faced with torment and hate. She is an orphan to her so called family, but doesn't give up fighting. After moving out with her prince charming she thinks her life is falling in piece. Later her boyfriend is put through an accident that causes his fatality. She is blamed for all the problems that his family faces. On the boarder line of committing suicide she realizes there is much more to live for. Then she is surprised by her brother Niall J. Horan. Who she never thought was her brother. She is picked back up and faces life head on to make it through. Following her heart is the only rule she has.


1. My life Here

"Shut up Angela!" I yelled in anger."Why should I so you can be the little bitch you are?" Angela yelled back at me. I threw a pillow at her and it hit her in face."Score!" I accidentally yelled out. She raced over and slapped me on the face like a gay. It was so pathetic even I'm stronger that her, she's so stupid. I punched her back in the stomach. I don't care I already know she doesn't love me and she's not my mom either so why should I give a fuck? As soon as I know it we are the middle of another fight. Like always I won. She called me names but I don't care this is like a regular routine now. She was in my room so when I drew blood she left the room. She's so weak, or am I strong for a girl? Maybe it's because of all the lessons I've taken. Oh sorry, Hi I'm Daniella Horan. I was an 'orphan' since I was 3. Well that's what Angela and Dave told me. I hate them both mainly Angela she does the stupidest things ever. They think I'm just a slave for them..WRONG! I learned how to fight and do girly stuff but I don't do anything for them. Anyways these people are so stupid they act like I should give a fuck. Well if they don't give a fuck about me why should I? If you answer that question for me than okay, but still I don't care about them. Why does life have to be so complicated so much. I don't think my life is heading the right way, but something tells me...I'm going to be okay.


Side Note:

I have no problem with gays alright. My best friends are gay. Sorry about the comment. Anyways bye!

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