The Rose That Makes The Difference

Dani is a struggling 18 year old girl. She is faced with torment and hate. She is an orphan to her so called family, but doesn't give up fighting. After moving out with her prince charming she thinks her life is falling in piece. Later her boyfriend is put through an accident that causes his fatality. She is blamed for all the problems that his family faces. On the boarder line of committing suicide she realizes there is much more to live for. Then she is surprised by her brother Niall J. Horan. Who she never thought was her brother. She is picked back up and faces life head on to make it through. Following her heart is the only rule she has.


9. Dun dun dunnnnn

I woke up sitting on a chair. Myy wrist and ankles were handcuffed down to the seat. I was in a recognizable room. It was my dumpling's room. I miss him so much, but was it really me who caused him to crash? Look at the chances it may not have been. Shouldn't the investigators be figuring that out. They had his phone. I mean maybe it was someone else. I looked around the room and I couldn't find anything to break free with. The chair is old and wooden. Maybe I can try to disasemble it. I started to play around with the chair. I managed to break of an arm handle then the other. I examined the bottom part of the chair and took the legs off. All I have to do now is figure out a way to take off these handcuffs and get the hell out of here. I looked around again. I found nothing the I brushed my hand through my hair. I felt soomething and pulled it out. It was a bobby pin. Let's just hope it works. I tried it on my left hand first, click. It did work I dif it again and took off all the hand cuffs. Now how do I get out? I llooked at the closed curtians. Yes! A window! I ealked towards it and opened the curtians. It wad a high up balcony. How am I suppose to get down? Then it hit me. I ran ober to the chair amd grabbed a long tope that eas tight next to it. Then I heard screams coming from downstairs. "Shut Up" and "But mom it was your fault he died" then I heard a loud thud. I decided not to leave yet. Maybe the girls could use my help. I heard a knock at the door. "Who is it?" I questioned. "It's Cindy" she paused. "I was wondering if me and my sister could eat with you?" I smiled. "Of course you can." They both walked in. Cindy had a black eye. She looked really depressed. They closed the door and sat down. "You dif that to the chair?" asked the youngest one. I looked at her and smiled. "yup" I answered. We began to eat and talk randomly. "Girls do want to leave here? I mean just go away permentaly." I asked them. They looked at each other then nodded a yes. "Okay then. Here's the plan. Tonight we are going to leave. Don't bring that many things, ust about 1 backpack of things mainly clothes. Alright?" They nodded. "But don't let anyone else know about it okay?" I added. They smiled and nodded."good so when your mom is asleep just comenover to this room and we'll leave." They gave me thumbs up and ran out the door with the plates and cups. I close the door and began to ponder. 

Harry POV

How come Niall barely found out he has a sister. Kidnapped when they were little. It is so hard to actually see him like this. Why didn't he know before. He found the picture of them as babies. She's suppose to be younger by a year. I hate seeing Niall cry. It should be illegal. Oh crap. I'm going to start crying if he does. We started tour and he found out. We had an interview yesterday when they asked why Niall didn't seem like himself. If she's anything like him she should be a natural brunette and possibily blue eyes. I walked back to Niall. "Are you alright buddy?" I asked him through the door. He had locked himself in the bathroom. I could hear him sobbing. "Niall come on. We hate it when you're sad. Crying is worse" joined Lou. Then Liam walked towards us. He knocked on the door, three times. He knocked loud enough that Zayn came in. "Niall! Please!" I yelled. "Open the damn door!" Lou yelled a bit paranoid. "Just leave me alone" Niall sobbed. Then Liam left and came back with a tooth pick. He grabbed it and jammed it into the door knob. He twisted the knob and swung the door open. "Niall!" I yelled. "Stop!" Screamed Liam as he took the blade out of Niall's hand. I could see he already did it. Twice. "Niall" Liam called his name. He grabbed Niall's wrist and we watched ad he rinsed off the blood the Niall had around his wrist. "Niall. Don't ever do that again!" He barked. Zayn and Lou walked away. Zayn had a phone call from Perrie and Lou had a date with El. I watched for a bit longer. "Niall" i called his name. I could still hear his wimping. He rubbed his eyes and turned to me. "Niall. We don't want you like this. We'll try to find your sister if you promise not to do anything like this ever again." He looked back at Liam who was now covering up the wounds. I could tell he was thinking. I gave a faint smile and said, "Alright. As long as you help me find her."


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