The Rose That Makes The Difference

Dani is a struggling 18 year old girl. She is faced with torment and hate. She is an orphan to her so called family, but doesn't give up fighting. After moving out with her prince charming she thinks her life is falling in piece. Later her boyfriend is put through an accident that causes his fatality. She is blamed for all the problems that his family faces. On the boarder line of committing suicide she realizes there is much more to live for. Then she is surprised by her brother Niall J. Horan. Who she never thought was her brother. She is picked back up and faces life head on to make it through. Following her heart is the only rule she has.


3. Cody

 I stopped crying a few minutes later. I'm okay now. Breath in breath out. I'm not going to go back down stairs just so I don't end up fighting that bitch again. I had tear stains on my cheeks and my eyes were gleaming. My jacket's sleeves were pulled to my finger tips like always. With my sleeves pulled to my fingers I cleaned the remaining tears from my eyes. 5 minutes later I heard Dave and Angela fighting. It's probably something stupid again. I thought they put Cody to sleep. Idiots they are going to wake him up. Oh Gosh. A few seconds later I heard Cody 's footsteps near my door. The door knob was moving slowly and in walked Cody with his blue blanket. He saw me leaning on the wall and came in and closed the door. He raced over to my side and almost fell. It made me laugh. Thank God, I was the one who was really raising him. The other two are always fighting each other in front of him. He sat down next to me and laid on my lap."Cody, what's wrong?" I asked. I already knew but I felt it would teach him something if I asked him. He responded with his cute voice saying,"Mom and Dad are fighting with each other again." He sounded so sad. I hugged him close to me. Tears were dripping down his baby like face. I'm just so worried about him. This can cause him psychological problems. He's just a 6 year old boy. I held him tight and rubbed the back of his head. I was singing to him in his ear, and soon he was asleep. I sang Lego House by Ed Sheeran then What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. Then I noticed his eyes flutter open. "Dani are you still going to leave?" he asked. I was surprised that he still remembered. "I'm sorry Cody, but I am...But when I leave I need you to stay strong and be just like I've been teaching you. No matter what happens you can call me everyday when ever you feel like it.Okay?" He smiled at me and nodded. Then he stood up and said,"I will always be your strong solider." I smiled and felt a tear drop fall."You will. And Cody you have to promise not to tell mom and dad about me leaving. Okay?" "Okay he responded."Pinky promise?"."I promise!" he gave me a little smirk and walked out the room. I can't believe I'm really going to leave, I had forgotten until now. He left and I started to think. He has Blonde hair mines in brown, he has brown eyes mines are blue, he is 3 times younger than me too. We are so different and he's a follower I'm a leader.


Side Note:

So far the longest chapter. How's it going? till waiting to bring One Direction into it. Don't worry. I just need to tell the story.


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