Live While We're Young

Layla, an 18-year-old dancer and her best friend, Addison moved to London. After their first day of college Layla became friends with a boy named Harry. What she didn't know was that he would only cause a chain reaction of dramatic events.

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1. New Town, New Life

It was around 9 o’clock when my best friend and I finally finished unpacking everything in our new flat. I looked around; it was perfect! I gave a hug to Addison.

“Our dream finally came true.” She whispered.

It certainly did! Since we were kids Addison and I had always talked about living in London, things were so much nicer here than in the U.S.


“It’s getting late and we have school tomorrow, I’m going to bed.” I said yawning.

“Okay first of all,” Addison started, “It’s not school, we are big kids now, it’s called college! And I really want to skip college tomorrow.”

“What? Why?” I exclaimed.

“Because we just got here. I thought maybe tomorrow we could spend the day visiting the place instead of going to boring school.”

“I thought it was college.” I said with a smug look.

“Whatever, are you with me? Let’s visit the towns of London! Like we always dreamed about, Layla!”

I shook my head “too risky, we said we would be there tomorrow when we got accepted to Stanmore College, I don’t feel like having a bad first impression.”

“We can call in sick!”

“No way! That is my final answer; so don’t try whining because it won’t work. If you complain I’ll lock you outside.” I felt as if I was talking to a five year old who was bugging for a toy in a store.


After taking my shower and getting into my favourite pyjamas I went to bed.


I woke up the next morning to the sound of Addison snoring in the bed next to me. My alarm was going to go off in half an hour. I couldn’t sleep because of the loud snoring that was coming from Addison. I decided to get up, but if I was going to get up half an hour early so would Addison. I yanked the blankets off of her harshly. “Time to wake up, bitch.” I yelled.

She groaned and mumbled something unintelligible. I rolled her onto her back and turned the lights on. She groaned again and covered her face with her hands looking like a vampire in the sun.

“It’s time for school,” I sang, “Don’t wanna be late!”

She lifted up her hand and gave me the middle finger. I laughed and ran downstairs.

I started making breakfast and minutes later I was joined by a very cranky Addison.

We made pancakes and bacon. After eating I went upstairs to get ready for school, or should I say college. I decided to not go too fancy and put on ripped grey skinny jeans and an ‘I heart British Boys’ sweatshirt. Addison laughed at my sweatshirt. I looked at what she was wearing; she went more for a fancy kinda look. She wore a tight black skirt and a white low cut shirt.

“You’ll get raped in that kind of shirt.” I laughed and pointed at her not completely covered boobs.

“At least I’m not pointing out that I’m single and desperate” she gestured at my sweatshirt.

I was single, but certainly not desperate! I only wore that shirt as a joke.

I got into the passenger seat and Addison drove us to college. As I got out of the car my heart beat quickened.

“Addison, what if nobody likes us?”

“Then we’ll only have each other.”  

“Thanks, very helpful.” I said sarcastically

She sighed, “Layla, you’re a pro at making friends!”

It was true; I was a very social person.

As I walked through the doors I noticed a lot of eyes on me, I didn’t like it. Maybe it was because of my sweatshirt.

The rest of the day went uneventful until it came to lunchtime. I was starving! After Addison and I bought our lunches we looked around for a place to sit. Someone waving caught my attention.

“Is he waving at us?” I asked Addison under my breath and nodded at a curly haired boy.

We looked behind us and there was no one there.

“He’s staring right at us.” Addison said confused.

“Oh my god now he’s pointing at us.”

We slowly walked our way to the table where the boy and four other boys sat.

“Were you waving at us?” Addison asked a bit rudely.

“Yes. You looked like you didn’t know where to sit. Nice sweatshirt by the way.” He said pointing at me.

I felt myself blush. “Thanks! My name is Layla, I moved here yesterday with my best friend Addison. We come from the U.S.”

"Don’t have to give him our whole life story!” Addison said pushing me out of the way. She smiled at the striking boy, “I’m Addison” She extended her hand and he shook it.

“I’m Harry.”

I hated when Addison acted that way, when she was around a cute boy she would become a bitch and treat me like shit.

"Why don't you sit down?" Harry pointed at the empty seat next to him.

I was about to sit down but Addison pushed me out of the way and quickly sat down. I looked at the table, there was only one empty spot left it was next to a blonde boy. His eyes were peircing blue. I smiled at him and sat next to him. I couldn't help but notice how Harry's hands clenched when I sat down next to the other boy. "Hi, I'm Niall!" He said with a big smile. He was Irish, how cute!

I smiled back, "I'm Layla."

Me and Niall made small talk and every so often I would look at Harry, who would be staring at me not paying attention to chattering Addison.

After a while Niall introduced me to the three other boys; Liam, Louis, and Zayn. They were all so nice!

 At the end of lunch Harry walked towards me. "Layla, I was wondering if you would want to go out sometime."

In the corner of my eye I could see Addison glaring at me. "Sure!"

We exchanged numbers and went to our classes.

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