Promises~Taken sequel

Taken. You think you know what that means. You think it means to love somebody and for them to love you back. But that's only half of it. Taken can mean taking something that's not yours. Being kidnapped is being taken. being stole is being taken. Casey McBride is taken.


2. Promises are meant to be kept



Casey(mom):"Yes honey?"

Reagan:"Sofie said that her daddy was taken yesterday."

Casey:"I heard about that honey."

Reagan:"Did he die?"

Casey:"No baby."

Reagan:"Then where is he?"

Casey:"I don't know honey."

Reagan:"Will you be taken?"

Casey:"No I hope not honey."

Reagan:"Do you promise?"

Casey:"Yes I promise."

-End of flashback-

~Reagan's P.O.V~

"BUT SHE PROMISED!" I yelled at my dad, harry styles. "SHE PROMISED SHE WOULD NEVER BE TAKEN!" Even though she had promised me that 12 years ago, promises are meant to be kept forever.

"Honey she TRIED to keep her promise." Said my dad.


"A promise is a promise if it is tried to be kept." He said and walked out if my room.

Things didn't use to be like this. We used to be one big happy family, me, mom, dad, and my twin sister Darcy.

But ever since my mom got kidnapped by... them everybody is always screaming and crying around here. Like my dad. He usually never cries, but every night I can hear him. Me and my sister cry too.

Somebody is always crying around here.
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