Promises~Taken sequel

Taken. You think you know what that means. You think it means to love somebody and for them to love you back. But that's only half of it. Taken can mean taking something that's not yours. Being kidnapped is being taken. being stole is being taken. Casey McBride is taken.


4. Max!

~Darcy's POV~For once I am actually excited! Today I am seeing my boyfriend, max horan. I haven't seen him in three months because he was at college. I remember meeting him before everything changed in my life. I was actually a normal person with a normal family. I haven't seen max since the... Incident and I'm worried he's going to think I'm mentally insane.-Flashback- Harry(dad): "Guess what girls!" Reagan/Darcy: "What?" Harry: "me and the boys are having a 1D reunion, and do you remember Niall?" Darcy/Reagan: "yeah" harry: "We'll he has twins named Josh and max, and the best part is, they are your age!" Darcy/Reagan:"SCORE!!!"-End Of Flashback- Sigh. I was so happy back then. I never thought I would lose one if the most important people of my life. (A/N) Hope you guys like it so far! Sorry the chapter is so short:( I promise I will update tomorrow.

Love y'all!!!������ Hannah
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