Promises~Taken sequel

Taken. You think you know what that means. You think it means to love somebody and for them to love you back. But that's only half of it. Taken can mean taking something that's not yours. Being kidnapped is being taken. being stole is being taken. Casey McBride is taken.


1. Introduction

~Darcy/Reagans P.O.v~we are making a whole chapter an intro just to tell you that right now as rhe author is starting this movella because taken (not the sequel but the real one) is not finished yet. In fact, it's just started. But pretend that this is ten years later and Casey and Harry are married and have two kids named Darcy and Reagan. Pretend that one day Casey mysteriously disappears without a trace. And pretend that it is up to Harry, Darcy and Reagan to find her. We are Darcy and Reagan and this is our story.
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