I'm in love with my brother's bestfriend.

Casey Horan is Niall's Horan's twin sister, Casey also went to X Factor with Niall, but she won the competition in first place and she's a lot famouser than 1D though. 1D is going on tour with Casey as her opening act. Cause 1D's manager thought it will be a good idea to get more fans, what will happen if Casey falls in love with Harry Styles and he does the same. What the hell would happen? Will they tell each other? Find out in this movella (Pg-13)


9. Chapter 8

Harry's pov

"soo Harry" Louis started, ugh he wants something. "what?" i asked him slightly annoyed. "you remember our promise telling each other everything right?". i knew it, "yeah?" i said in a questioning tone, "well, um why have you been acting weird lately?" he bursted out. "um no reason" i said. "well why don't i believe you?" he asked.

"fine i like Casey" i spitted out, but i quickly shut my mouth after what i said i sworn to myself i wouldn't tell anyone. "what?" Louis asked. I'm just gonna pretend i didn't say anything. "nevermind" i told him. "no i heard you and you can't deny it anymore, i knew it" he told me. How did he know before i told him. "you have to swear not to tell anyone or i swear you'll never see light ever again" i threatend. "alright, but why are you dating Taylor anyway?" he asked me. Great now i'm gonna have to tell him everything. "to get Casey to be jealous cause she hates her" i confessed as he crossed his arms

"you have to dump her, you cant use someone like that" he told me as i raised my hands in surrender "fine" i told him. I knew what was coming for me, a song!. I grabbed my phone and texted Taylor

To Taylor : Hi, i'm sorry but we should stop seeing each other for a while, like take a break? I hope we can still be friends?

She didn't reply but i knew she read it.

Casey's pov

"what's with you acting all weird lately?" Eleanor asked. "what me? I don't know" i told her. "come on, were girls spill your heart out babe" she told me. i knew i could trust her with anything i mean i trust her way more than I trust Justin. "okay fine i've been getting these mixed feelings about Harry lately" i told her. She looked pretty confused. How can i put it.

"what?" she asked me confused. "well you remember like a month ago that Louis wanted to share a room with you and i had to share a room with Harry i felt really happy about it, but than Niall didn't let us i felt pretty dissapointed and now i dont know what to feel" i told her.


"i know what your feeling." she told me. "what?" i asked her as she smirked. "you like harry" she told me. "i do not" i argued. "keep telling yourself that, Casey your lying to yourself" she told me. 10 minutes later Zayn came to get us to the photshoot, we went in the limo and i kept thinking about what Eleanor said. Lying to myself?. "right Casey?" i heard Liam say but i wasn't paying attention."um sorry what?" i asked. "nevermind" he told me as we sat in silence. At the corner of my eye, i see Louis and Eleanor whispering and pointing at me and Harry. WTF? And Harry is staring at me......



Hope you guys liked it!

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