I'm in love with my brother's bestfriend.

Casey Horan is Niall's Horan's twin sister, Casey also went to X Factor with Niall, but she won the competition in first place and she's a lot famouser than 1D though. 1D is going on tour with Casey as her opening act. Cause 1D's manager thought it will be a good idea to get more fans, what will happen if Casey falls in love with Harry Styles and he does the same. What the hell would happen? Will they tell each other? Find out in this movella (Pg-13)


6. Chapter 5

Casey's pov

We arrived at the mall where were doing the signing. They're about a couple of thousand fans here, the security escourted us in the mall to our chairs. There were really big carton posters of us. "wow my head is really big" i laughed as everyone burst out laughing to. "okay Eleanor you can go in the back when were done were telling you okay?" Paul asked. "um fine" Eleanor said, but she was a bit dissapointed. "no Paul Eleanor is sitting next me alright?" i told him. Kind of demanding.

"alright Casey" Pual replied as they found a chair for Eleanor. "thank you Cas" Elenaor said as i nod. The fans just went by as i signed ask name questions. "hi Casey, how's Carry?" a fan asked me. "who's Carry?" i asked her."you and harry" she replied as i gave her a confused look. "sweetie Carry doesn;t exist, Harry is like my brother." i replied, but i was hoping we'll be more than just that, but i don't think that's possible i thought.

Eleanor giggled. Fans were screaming around, i turned to the girl that asked me about Carry and saw she was talking to Harry and Harry was looking at me smirking. What did she tell him. Oh god is she lied that i like him, wait no that isn't a lie. Ugh annoying. For the past 3 hours people has asked me about Carry and signing stuff. Eleanor kept laughing though.

When we were done, we went back to the bus it was about 6 pm so we went out to dinner, but i didn't want anything fancy. "hi Paul i do not want anything fancy" i told him as he replied "what do you want than?".

"um let's get some KFC" i replied as everyone agreed and i think Zayn invited someone here with us cause he was on the phone saying see you later babe. And for sure i'm gonna find out what's between them. I mean i know everything about our relationships cause yeah that's how i am. I'm nosey alright?

Zayn's pov

I was talking to Perrie meeting us at KFC, i want the boys and Casey to meet her, but she didn't know Casey was coming than i heard Casey coming and i know cause she's the only one that wears boots. "hi Zaynie" she said giggling. I knew what she wanted i knew she heard me on the phone. She wants information about my love life. She gives me advice on girls and everything, but this time i'm not telling her anything.

"please don't call me that" i said laughing. "sooooooooo um any girls lately?" she asked all mysterious. "um no" i told her as she nodded unconvinced. "who were you talking to on the phone?" she asked me as i answered "my mum" i told her.

"you call your mum babe/?" she asked him as i shook his head "you'll meet her later" i told her as she sighed and left.

Harry's pov

This is seriously killing me, she is just so beautiful. I can't believe that she is dating Justin i mean he doesn't even like her. I wish she was mine i just wish that. Than i can treat her like a princess something Justin never did.

I need some girls to get my mind of of her, but how? Which girl? Wait i know someone she hates " TAYLOR SWIFT. She has been trying to ruin her life and stealing her fans for like ever they seriously hate each other. It will be perfect for her to get jealous and than she'll be mine. Wow that sounded evil.

Casey's pov

We arrived at a KFC and Zayn was talking to a blonde chick, Paul was ordering our stuff and the rest of us were fooling around in our private booth, but than Zayn and the girls was coming this way. "shut up guys Zayn and his new "girlsfriend" is coming this way." i told them as they arrived. He introduced me first. "Perrie this is....." he said as Perrie jumped "casey horan ohmy freaking god".

"hi you must be Perrie" i said as she nodded and gave me a hand to shake. "i'm sorry love we don't shake here, we hug" i said as i hugged her and she hugged back. When we pulled away "you don't know how much of a cassinator i am" she told me as i laughed. "and i'm a mixer" i told her, i knew her from the band little mix now i remember.

"ohmygod really?" she asked as i nodded and than the boys introduced themselfs, she was a lot of fun me, Perrie and El and Dani are gonna be bestfriends i know that. When we were done we said goodbye and left. Tomorrow is our first concert of the tour i'm so nervous.

---------- next day----------

It's time for the concert, the boys just went up and i'm almost ready. I just need to do make-up, but i'm not doing it cause my fans need to know they are beautiful without make-up and i tell them all the time but i wear make-up so they wont believe me but if i dont wear make-up, i think they will.

My make-up artist Lou came in and i told her "tonight i'm not wearing make-up" and she nodded confused. I heard the speakers say i need to go on now.

I went on stage and everybody went crazy. "Hi guysss!!" i yelled. I sang a couple of songs and the fans sang a long. It was time for twitter questions and i answered a couple of them, but i knew they were wonderig one thing, why im not wearing make-up.

"so um guys i know your wondering why i'm not wearing make-up well i'm here to answer that question, you know how i tell you guys that your beatiful without make-up and you shouldn't listen to people but a lot of people dont believe me because i wear make-up right?" i asked them as i heard yeh and yes from the crowd. "so im not gonna wear makeup just for you guys cause you are beautiful without it and no one can change that, dont listen to the haters out there listen to the lovers and this song is not mine but i want to dedicate this song to all my beautiful fans out there" i told them.

I sang beautiful by Christina Aguilera and when i was done everyone including me was in tears. "guys promise me something" i told them as they all screamed and i laughed. "promise me that you'll always know your beautiful no matter what promise me that words wont bring you down and most of all promise me that believe in yourself achieve your dreams" i told them as they all screamed again. "great goodnight guys i love you so much" i yelled and left. All the boys were there including my brother we did a group hug and went to the bus,

I knew the whole concert will be on the news tomorrow. Harry was talking to a girl all night though, i felt kind of jealous but shook it off and went to sleep, but i think harry wanted to bother me cause he was extra loud.


Hi guys i know this chapter isn't what you expected it to be but i hope you like it. I put a lot of thought into it and guys i dont intirely hate taylor swift but i dont love her either but ya know i needed a plot twist ish to the story pls *no hate* if you ship Haylor i dont ship it NEVER *no hate* I ship Elounor, Payzer and Zerrie but i am never shipping Haylor *no hate*. tell me who you ship bc i care guys!! oh and i ship 100% Nemi to bad it's not real :(. Elounor are the cutest couple ever!!! Bye guys please again *no hate* haha wote it like 5 times *no hate* Btw thank you to all you awesome, stunning, wonderful, amazayn, incredible ( i can go on and on) readers!!

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