I'm in love with my brother's bestfriend.

Casey Horan is Niall's Horan's twin sister, Casey also went to X Factor with Niall, but she won the competition in first place and she's a lot famouser than 1D though. 1D is going on tour with Casey as her opening act. Cause 1D's manager thought it will be a good idea to get more fans, what will happen if Casey falls in love with Harry Styles and he does the same. What the hell would happen? Will they tell each other? Find out in this movella (Pg-13)


28. Chapter 23

Casey's pov

After Ellen, we went shopping since the day is beautiful, the sun is shining. I couldn't think of a better day to spend with my boyfriend.

We were walking through the streets when i bumped into someone. My head hit his shoulders and fell, "i'm so sorry" he said.

I looked up and I couldn't believe my eyes, it was Jason my ex. I'd tell you the whole story of why we broke up, but that will come later.

"Casey babe?" he said looking at me. "babe who is this?" Harry whispered, but Jason heard him anyway. "i'm Jason her ex and you man?" he asked.

"i'm Harry her current not so ex boyfriend" he said standing in front of me. "so Casey, how about we catch up later? Dinner?" he asked, I nodded, but I didn't know why. Harry stood there, his jaw dropped.

"give me your phone number" he said, I looked through my purse to find a piece of paper when I did I wrote my number on it and gave it to him.

He said "thanks" and walked away. "Casey what was that for?" harry asked. "what?" I asked confused. "why did you say yes to dinner and you gave him your number" he said.

"I don't know why it just came out" I blurted. "well until you realize what just happened tell me because I can't realize it" he said and walked away.

I ran after him, now realizing what he said. "so this means your braking up with me?" I questioned. "pretty much yeah" he said. A tear fell from my left eye. He also had tears in his eyes.

I ran away, I can't believe him right now, he is just so unbelievable. Just because i'm reuniting with my ex doesn't mean he can act this way.

I got to my hotel room and got in the room when I realized that Harry shared a room with me, I quickly went to Louis and Eleanor's room. I had tears falling of my face.

Room 7530, room 7531 and finally room 7532, I knocked on there door. I waited a minute until Eleanor opened the door when she saw me crying she quickly pulled me inside where I see Molly.

"Casey what happened?" Molly asked. "he-he broke up w-with m-me" I stuttered. "he did?" Eleanor asked surprised.

"but you guys are so perfect for each other" Molly said. "I thought we w-were" I stuttered. "there must be a reason right?" Molly asked and Eleanor agreed.

"I don't know, I just I-I don't know anymore" I stuttered once again. "i'm gonna go talk to Harry" Molly said and left the room. I just sat there, crying.

My phone dinged a couple of minutes later, I opened it and found a text from Jason. I was hoping it would be Harry's, but apperantly not.

From Jason :

Hi want to catch up tonight? dinner?

I thought about it and it would probably help me get my mind of off things.

To Jason :

Sure pick me up at 8 at Sunrise hotel.

I decided to borrow Eleanor's dresses since Harry's probably in our room and I don't wanna face him right now.

At 8 Jason picked me up


"so how are you these last couple of years?" he quizzed once again, he can't stop with his questions can he?

"good good you?" I asked. "good are you still a virgin?" he asked. "yes" I hesitated. "well we can change that can't we?" he whispered seductively in my ear.

I finally realized that he just wanted to catch up just to trick me to have sex with him, I am so stupid, that must be why Harry is so mad.

"well got to go, I had a good time bye" I lied. I had the worst time ever, now I remember why I broke up with him, he is so stupid and a jerk.

I got a cab back to the hotel loaded with fans outside I had to sneak in, in the back. I snuck in and went to me and Harry's hotel room.

I stood in front of the door, I didn't know what to do apologize? I took a deep breath and knocked on the door...
















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