I'm in love with my brother's bestfriend.

Casey Horan is Niall's Horan's twin sister, Casey also went to X Factor with Niall, but she won the competition in first place and she's a lot famouser than 1D though. 1D is going on tour with Casey as her opening act. Cause 1D's manager thought it will be a good idea to get more fans, what will happen if Casey falls in love with Harry Styles and he does the same. What the hell would happen? Will they tell each other? Find out in this movella (Pg-13)


25. Chapter 20

Casey's pov

After the awesome iceskating which Harry fell a couple of more times. Now were on our way to a pizza place well at least that's what Harry told me and he knows New York better than me whiches odd cause i've been here more than he has.

When we arrived at a place, it looked cute and small. We went in the place and it was very cosy, but i didn't see tables just rooms.

"hi can i help you?" the waiter said. "yes we would like a room" harry said. "right this way" the man said. He lead us to a room, the room is a kitchen. "how much dough will be needed?" the man asked us. "for 10 pizzas please" harry said.

"yes sir" the man said and walked away, i was still looking around. This is so cute and awesome, it feels normal.

"geez harry i know i eat a lot, but 10 pizzas?" i asked him. "well i was thinking we could make for the other guys too" he said and i nodded. The guy came back with the dough and we started making pizzas with the instructions on the wall, there were so many toppings.

Harry accidently flicked some flours in my face and he actually laughed. "i'm haha sorry" he said. "oh appology accepted" i told him as i flick some flour back but more this time. After that we had a full blown was with the dough and topping. It was so incredibly funny, by now the manager kicked us out. We had tomato sauce, mushrooms, pepperoni, black olives, pineapples, ham and any kind of topping on our bodies.

"hi since we didn't get food, let's get some ice cream" harry said pointing at a store with the sigh saying 'GELATO'. We went in there and everybody looked at us, when they realized who we were. They started taking pictures. This is so embarressing, if only i get embarressed. "hello how may i help you lovely couple" the woman behind the counter said. "um may i have an triple scoop vanilla in a waffle cone with the topping sprinkles and chocolate chip." i told her. "and i will have two scoops of vanilla too" harry said.

"coming right up" she said and gave us our icecream. "that will be 7.5 dollars" she said and i quickly paid while harry got hsi wallet. "hi what did you do that for" he said while we were walking to a table.

"i wanted to pay" i said innocently which i am. "you could've told me" he told me. "you would've never let me" i told him back. I looked outside, trying to look at the sky, but the freaking papparazzi is fucking my mood.

"ugh stupid papparazzi" i said. harry nodded. "Casey" harry said. "mmhh?" i asked. "would you like to be my girlfriend?" he asked me. YES YES YES he asked me. He was waiting for my response. "yeah i would love too" i said and he kissed me passionatly forgetting we weren't public yet and we there's papparazzie's outside.


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