I'm in love with my brother's bestfriend.

Casey Horan is Niall's Horan's twin sister, Casey also went to X Factor with Niall, but she won the competition in first place and she's a lot famouser than 1D though. 1D is going on tour with Casey as her opening act. Cause 1D's manager thought it will be a good idea to get more fans, what will happen if Casey falls in love with Harry Styles and he does the same. What the hell would happen? Will they tell each other? Find out in this movella (Pg-13)


23. Chapter 19

Casey's pov

I woke up the next morning without Harry next to me. I could've swore he went to bed with me yesterday and he always wakes up late. I saw a note on my nightstand. I opened it :

Hi babe, get dressed and than go in the lobby, remember to where disguises so the fans won't see you. Jim will be waiting for you!

Love you babe -harry

Aww he's so cute, i got dressed in a tank top and some floral shorts with high tops. I got sunglasses and a beanie. I went down to the lobby. 'head down, head down' i thought to myself. Thank god no one saw me or else ill be mobbed. I saw Jim with harry's car. "hi Jim" i said, i waved he saw me and waved back. "so Jim where are you taking me?" i asked Jim. "Harry told me not to tell you" he said. Harry knew i was unpacient, "ugh i hate him so much right now" i told Jim. "you don't" he siad back and it was silence, an akward one. Thank god the radio was on or else i would've died of akwardness.

We arrived somewhere kind of cold, but Jim blindfold me so i don't know where it is curse him. "keep walking Casey!" he told me. "i would if i know where i'm going" i told him. Than he let go of me and someone else came beside me and i know because his hands are colder. "um guy that's touching me you better back off!" i told him as he laughed. I recognize that laugh anywhere it's harry. "harry what the fuck are you doing?" i asked him. "well hello to you too" he said still laughing.

"ugh hey harry now what the fuck are you doing?" i asked him again. "well i decided to have a little date you know for us" he said. "nooo pfft for animals, harry i know for us" i said. "well thank you for ruining a moment" he said. I giggled and blushed. "sorry couldn't resist" i told him. "so do you know where we are?" he asked. Seriously why can't he be not stupid today. "no harry you blindfolded me remember" i said. "oh yeah" he asnwered. "okay can i take it off now" i asked. "wait" he said. it felt like we went in some place and it was super cold. "harry it's cold" i told him as i felt someone wrap a coat on me.

"n-now you can take it off" he said. I took the blindfold off and it was an icerink for ice skating. I LOVE ICE SKATING, how the hell did he know that. I practically jumped on him of exitement. "wow i guess you like it?" he asked me. "like it? i love it, how did you know?" i asked him. "i didn't i thought you couldn't ice skate" he said. I stared at him with mouth wide open. "i'm the ice skating queen" i said bowing. I'm quit proud of this. "what? ugh!" he said. I looked at him confused.

"i thought you would be bad at this so i could hold you" he said. Aw that's so sweet. "aww that's sweet harry" i said as we were wlaking to get our skates. We got it on and went to the ice rink.

He was holding my hand with our fingers intertwined and we were walking on the ice. "let's try this" i said and we were still holding on to each other trying to skate. "harry i can't skate like this" i told him. "um i'm kind of scared" he admitted, "aww okay than i'll help you" i told him. "okay now you just have to run like just run with bigger step and all of that you know?" i told him and he started skating but with me. But than he took a big turn and he felt and i was holding his hand which made me fall on top of him. People were around us aww'ing. No one actually knows that me and harry are a thing, we haven't made it public yet. Which makes me wonder am i Harry's girlfriend yet? He haven't actually asked me and this is only our second date yeah our first date was at the movies while we were disguised so yeah, but when is he gonna ask me?


Hiii, sexy ninjas (i'm calling you that now) i don't know if you guys know, but i'm co-author of this really cute movella called 'cyber harry' you should check it out! How did you like this chapter? This was incredibly lame i get it! Bye`


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