I'm in love with my brother's bestfriend.

Casey Horan is Niall's Horan's twin sister, Casey also went to X Factor with Niall, but she won the competition in first place and she's a lot famouser than 1D though. 1D is going on tour with Casey as her opening act. Cause 1D's manager thought it will be a good idea to get more fans, what will happen if Casey falls in love with Harry Styles and he does the same. What the hell would happen? Will they tell each other? Find out in this movella (Pg-13)


18. Chapter 15

Harry's pov

I came out of Casey's room and everybody was staring at me. "what?" i asked. "what did she say?' Zayn asked. "she misses you Niall, she wants to spend time with her brother like old times but now that you got a girlfriend now and you guys are drifting apart?" i todl Niall. He had a quilty look on his face, i knew everybody was feeling akward even me. After about an hour Casey finally came out of her room and everybody was staring at her.

She came over to me first, hugged me and whispered "thank you" into my ear. Than she went over to Molly and dragged her out of the living room but she dragged her gently with her hand. Everybody was staring at them, i knew Casey felt uncomfortable like that.

Casey's pov

I walked out of my room, everybody was staring at me. I felt so uncomfortable, but i went to Harry, hugged him and whispered "thank you" in his ear. He shivered from my touch and he probably doesn't know thank you for what. I went over to Molly, she has a scary look on her face. I gave her my hand and gently dragged her in my room.

After i closed the door and checked that no one was listening, i started talking to her. "hi, we haven't officially met i'm Casey Capree Horan" i said. "hi i'm Molly" she said quitly, she's pretty shy. "aww comon i'm really sorry about earlier, it's just something happend and yah, but i don't hate you" i told her. "really?" she asked. "really!" i replied. Than we started talking and hanging out, it was really fun.Eleanor joined us a while later. Niall chose an awesome girl, she's super sweet. I knew we were gonna be three musketeers haha. Than Liam barged in our room. "c'mon we need to get to the hospital noww!!!" he yelled. "what why?" i asked a little freaked out. "because-

Question : What is harry's sister's name?

Role : the nurse, Casey's old friend


CLIFFHANGER, i've always wanted to do a cliffhanger haha. So i hope you like it guys!!

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