Arranged Marriage

Warning: contains sexual content towards the middle of the fan fic!!!!
When Dexy Condor's dad and Niall Horan's mom say Niall and Dexy are getting married, what are they supposed to do? The Horans and the Condors hated each other to the very last bone in their bodies. They used to be great friends. Because of a misunderstanding, the Horans blamed the Condors for the stealing of their most expensive items. This was back in 1946, but Horans still blame the Condors. The Condors, however, did not steal the items, but they were infuriated that the Horans would proclaim such a thing. Ever since, the Horans and Condors could never see eye-to-eye, except for one thing. (a/n: the boys are not famous & see what I did there with the 'one thing')


3. WHAT???

My jaw dropped. I'm only 17 and my dad wants me to get married?!?! And to my arch enemy? "What?!?!?!," I screamed. Everyone in Nando's looked at me. I didn't care. "You want me to marry someone who I wouldn't be friends with even if he was the last man on earth," I said. Then, I turned and ran out the restaurant. I didn't know where I was going, but I ran. Next thing I knew, I felt a tug on arm. I turned and saw Louis. "I told you I'm faster," he said as pulled me into one of his Boobear hugs. "Shh...It's going to be ok," he said as I cried into his chest. This wasn't the first time he had seen me cry and most likely wasn't the  last. I pulled away saying,"How? My dad wants me to marry Niall." I sat on the curb and pulled my knees to my chest. Lou sat next to me and looked into the traffic. He wasn't really looking at it as if he was daydreaming. "I don't know, but the Dexy I know would face this as a bump in the road not a mountain that would always be in her way. Niall's not a bad guy. He loves food, Justin Bieber, Bon Jovi, when a girl plays with his hair, and a girl that loves jokes. That's just some of the things you have in common. I swear you two are more alike than you guys like to think," Lou said. "Boobear, what would I do without you?," I said, putting my head on his shoulder. "Die," he said, laughing. "Ha ha! I think I could live without you. After all, I've always got Haz. He'd be happy about that," I said, trying to keep a straight face."But Harry's not as cool as me," he said," Come on. Let's go back. I'm right behind you!"

Louis P.O.V.:

"...I'm right behind you!," I said to Dexy. She smiled her dazzling grin. We walked back to Nando's in silence. I've loved her since the day she walked into the classroom...


"Nialler!," I shouted to my Irish friend. He had moved here to Doncaster two years ago. "Hey, Lou," he said, walking up to me. "Did you here about the new girl?," I asked. "Yeah. She's from Mullingar, like me. Maybe, I know her," Niall said. "Yeah. I can't wait to meet her," I said. We walked to our 1st class and sat in our assigned seats. Right before the bell rang, Zayn walked in and sat in between Niall and I. The teacher walked in with a beautiful girl. She had long black hair and bright green eyes. They were probably greener than Harry's. She was wearing a green tank top that made her eyes pop, blue jean shorts, and sneakers with drawings all over them. "Ok, class, I'd like you to meet Dexy Condor," said Mrs. Kane. All the guys, including me, were staring at her. The girls in the classroom looked jealous. "Would someone like to help Dexy today? You know, show her around. Introduce her to people," said Mrs. Kane. All the guys' hands shot up, including mine. "Dexy, pick anyone," said Mrs. Kane. She looked around and stopped. I looked at who she was staring at. Niall? When I looked at him, he didn't have his hand up. Why did he look so mad? Then, I looked back at Dexy and saw she was staring at him with hatred filled eyes. What the bloody hell was going on? Then, Dexy looked at Zayn, and whispered something to Mrs. Kane. "Ah, Zayn, would you mind helping Dexy?," Mrs. Kane asked. "I'm cool with that," said Zayn. Of course, Zayn always gets the girl. "Niall, would you mind sitting in front of Louis so Dexy can sit by Zayn?,"asked Mrs. Kane. "Yeah,"said Niall. When Niall sat in front of me, I asked him,"Why are you staring at Dexy like that?" "Because I know her,"was all he said. "That doesn't explain anything,"I said. "Our families hate each other," he said. What? Why? Oh well, his problem. Well, after a month that Dexy was here, Zayn started dating her. The girls of our school got even more jealous and hated Dexy. Harry, Liam, Zayn, and I became her only friends. Then, people(mostly girls at our school) started trashing her on twitter. We went visit her at her house, and her brother, Ethan, was holding her while she cried. Ethan never liked us from the start.  That day, Zayn broke up with her because he was the reason all the girls were hating on Dexy. She understood, but she cried more when he left. Haz and Liam left with Zayn, but I stayed with her and Ethan. Liam had texted me saying Zayn was crying too. Zayn never cried around us. He really did like Dexy. Ethan still doesn't like me, but he doesn't mind me hanging with Dexy.


She may not feel the same, but I love her with all my heart. The only thing I'm not sure of is this a crush or something more? When we got back, I said,"You ready?" Dexy nodded and put on a confident smile. When we walked in, Ethan grabbed me and held me up against the wall. What did I do?

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