Arranged Marriage

Warning: contains sexual content towards the middle of the fan fic!!!!
When Dexy Condor's dad and Niall Horan's mom say Niall and Dexy are getting married, what are they supposed to do? The Horans and the Condors hated each other to the very last bone in their bodies. They used to be great friends. Because of a misunderstanding, the Horans blamed the Condors for the stealing of their most expensive items. This was back in 1946, but Horans still blame the Condors. The Condors, however, did not steal the items, but they were infuriated that the Horans would proclaim such a thing. Ever since, the Horans and Condors could never see eye-to-eye, except for one thing. (a/n: the boys are not famous & see what I did there with the 'one thing')


6. Shopping Before an Awkward Date

Louis was jealous? I'm not sure if I saw that right. I looked at the clock. 3:00 AM. I sighed. This is too much to handle. I got out of bed and put on my slippers. Wrapping a blanket around me, I trudged down the stairs as quietly as possible. I walked into the kitchen and poured myself a glass of tea, something that always calms me. Taking a sip, I entered the lounge to see Ethan watching the telly. "Ethan, why are you up?," I asked. He turned to face me. "Kera said she's gonna call me. Her mum had a heart attack, and I want to be there for her," he said, turning back to the television. "So, why are you up?," he asked as I sat in the wooden rocking chair. "I couldn't sleep. I was thinking about everything," I answered. He nodded. We watched the T.V. until Dad came downstairs and said to get ready. "Why?," I asked. "Dexy, just go get ready. We have some plans for today," he replied. I ran upstairs and to my room. I was never good with surprises, and I had to know as soon as possible.

I looked in the mirror. I was wearing a loose mint green see-through button-up shirt with a tight neon pink crop top underneath. My skinny jeans were neatly tucked into my knee-high black boots. I pulled my long black waves to the side with a hair tie. Once I was pleased, I grabbed my phone and wallet and walked out the room. "Daddy, I'm ready!," I shouted as I came down the stairs. "Alright. C'mon. We need to be at the shopping center by 10:00, and it's 9:15. It takes us 45 minutes to get there. Let's hope there's no bad traffic," he rambled. My father seemed to be in a hurry. What's going on?, I wondered.

I stepped out the back of there car once we were parked. I looked ahead of me and saw a boutique for wedding dresses. Oh, God. "I'll pick you up at 11:45 for lunch. Use this time to get to know Niall's mum," my dad said. Niall and his mother appeared next to me. Maura issed Niall's cheek before saying, "Have fun, Niall." Then, Niall took my place in the backseat of my father's truck. As soon as the door was closed, my dad drove off. "Now, c'mon, sweetie. We are going to find the perfect dress for the wedding," Maura exclaimed, happily. I followed her to the building. I felt my palms become sweaty as I looked around the bridal shop. This is for your family, Dexy. I wiped my hands on my jeans before shaking the lady's hand. She shook Maura's hand as well before we all took a seat. "Okay. What is the colors of the wedding?," she asked in a thick Russian accent. "I was thinking light blues with dark purples," Maura suggested. Wow, she has taste. I nodded. "Okay. So, the groom's men can wear purple ties, and the bride's maids can wear a light blue dress with a purple sash. We'll worry about that after we find your dress," she said to me. "Okay," I agreed. She stood up and motioned for us to follow her. She showed Maura a spot to sit and showed me a rack full of dress in the price range Maura set. I looked through them until I found two I liked in my size. "Go try them on," Maura said with a big smile. The lady, Percefiny, showed me a room.  I quickly undressed and slipped on the first dress. It was an off-white strapless dress that ended at my ankles with a long train and jewels scattered along the top. Percefiny hepled me tie the corset in the back. I walked out to show Maura. "You look amazing in that dress," she exclaimed. "Thanks, but I don't like it on me," I said as I looked in the mirror. "Well, then, try on the other one," she instructed. Percefiny helped me undo the corset before she walked out to let me put on the other. Once I slipped on the dress, I called Percefiny to help me. Once she tied the straps, I walked out and ooked in the mirror. This one was white with straps that went around my neck. The front of the dress fell to my knees, and the back flowed to form a train on the ground. A white sash wrapped around under my breasts and had a bow on the left side with the tails ending and inch above the front. It was low cut. I loved it. I turned to Maura. She stood there, shocked. "That's the one," she muttered. I smiled. "So, moving on to the bridal party..."

"So, how was shopping?," asked my father once he stepped out the truck foolowed by Niall and Ethan. "Fun. We found a really pretty dress. And, we picked out the bridal party's suit's and dresses. Niall's tux matches the dress, and this might be more fun than I thought," I rambled. Maura and my father chuckled. "So, what did you lads do?," I asked. "Golf," Ethan said, proudly. "I'm guessing you won," I inquired. Ethan shook his head. "Nope," he replied. "Wait, you mean, the undefeatable Ethan lost a game of golf?," I aksed. He nodded. "I've gotta give to the little man. He's got skill, but I'll beat him in footy," Ethan said with a chuckle. "Well, we'll see you later," said Maura. We said our goodbyes. "So, um... Dexy, do you uh... wanna go on a date?," Niall asked, sheepishly. "Yeah, when?," I asked. "Tonight. 6:30, sound good?," he asked, a little braver this time. I nodded. "Okay. Um... I'll see you later."

I looked in the mirror one more time. My dark blue halter-neck dress flowed down to my knees. My heels were the same color as my dress. I brushed my hair and used the flat iron to straighten my hair. Once I was done, I placed a gray beanie on my head. I placed my phone and wallet in my little grey purse along with some nessesities. I walked down the stairs to wait for Niall. I wasn't waiting long before I heard a knock. I opened the door to see Niall in a nice black t-shirt with khaki pants and white sneakers. His hair was up in a quiff. "Ready?," he asked. I nodded and closed the door before following him to his solid white car. The car ride was silent, no music or talking. Once we arrived at Starbuck's, Niall got out the car and came around to open my door. I excepted his outstretched hand. He kept hold of my hand until I sat down while he ordered. He sat down in front of me and handed me a frappuccino. "Thanks," I muttered. "You're welcome," he replied, silently. It was quiet for a few minutes. More minutes passed, and I decided to break the silence. "So, if you could do anything, what would it be?," I asked. He looked at me, shocked. "What? We're supposed to get to know each other, right? What's better than playing 20 questions?" He shugged. "If I could do anything, I'd... Oh, I know, I'd eat Nando's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner," he replied. I laughed. "Okay. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?," he asked. "Ireland," I replied, immediately. "Why?," he asked. "I miss home," I said with a shrug. We continued to play, but the game switched to a silly game of would you rather. "Would you rather jump into a pile of spiders or dance like a mokney in front of the entire school in nothing, but your under wear?," Niall asked. "Oh, God. Um... jump into a pile of spiders," I answered. "I thought, you hated spiders," he inquired. "I do," I replied, unhappily. Before I could aske my next question, one of the workers came up to us and said, "We are closing. Could you please leave?," he asked, sweetly. "I'm sorry," I said, grabbing Niall's hand. He led me to his car and helped me into the passenger seat. "I can't believe we lost track of time," I said, giggling. "I know," he chuckled before starting up the car.

We walked to my front door, holding hands. "You know, Dexy, I think, we can make this work," he said with a smirk. I nodded in agreement. We both looked down at our feet. "I had fun tonight," I mumled. "Yeah, me too," he replied. I looked up to see him staring at me. We looked in each other's eyes. I didn't know how long it took, but he, finally, kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his neck as his hands landed on my waist, pulling me into him. When we broke apart for air, we stared at each other before letting go. "Um... I had fun. Let's... uh... do this again," I stuttered. "Yeah, yeah, I'd like that," he siad, quietly. I opened the door and stepped inside my house. I turned back around, kissed Niall's cheek, and closed the door. I felt my heart racing. Suddenly, I got a text.

From: Loubear :{P/ hey, can we meet up tomorrow with the guys???

To: Loubear :{P/ yeah. Sounds fun, wht time?

From: Loubear :{P/ 1:00 sound good?

To: Loubear :{P/ yeah totally c u and the guys then

Oh, gosh. Louis and Niall are both going to be there. I sighed. I'll just have to sleep on it. I took a shower, slipped on some pajamas, and fell asleep, listening to Justin Bieber's "All Around the World."

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