Arranged Marriage

Warning: contains sexual content towards the middle of the fan fic!!!!
When Dexy Condor's dad and Niall Horan's mom say Niall and Dexy are getting married, what are they supposed to do? The Horans and the Condors hated each other to the very last bone in their bodies. They used to be great friends. Because of a misunderstanding, the Horans blamed the Condors for the stealing of their most expensive items. This was back in 1946, but Horans still blame the Condors. The Condors, however, did not steal the items, but they were infuriated that the Horans would proclaim such a thing. Ever since, the Horans and Condors could never see eye-to-eye, except for one thing. (a/n: the boys are not famous & see what I did there with the 'one thing')


5. Laser Tag

"What about supper?," I whined. "We're taking it to go," my father said."Niall, you can go with Louis and Harry. Zayn and Liam are on Zayn's motorbike. Ethan is in his car. Dexy, we're going to the house. You can't play laser tag in heels." "Dad, they are heeled BOOTS. There's a difference," I said.

When we got home, I ran up the stairs and into my room. I quickly changed into a tight black long-sleeved shirt, black short shorts, and black above-the-knee combat boots. I went through a goth phase. Deal with it. Grabbing my iPhone 5, I ran down the stairs, out the door, and hopped into Dad's truck.

I quickly checked the passenger side mirror. My hair didn't look bad. Tightening my ponytail, I walked into the building with Dad right behind me. "Woah, SEXY DEXY!!! Mr. C, you better keep Dexy away from roaming me," he said, muttering the last part, but everyone still heard. Dad and Ethan gave him a death glare while Lou and I laughed like madmen. "Daddy, don't worry. Harry has a wicked sense of humor," I said. Dad rolled his green eyes and paid the lady for two games. We got a discount because Dad always takes Ethan and me play laser tag when he is visiting us."Just go through that door and pick your teams," siad the lady. When we walked through the door, there were vests with light up targets and matching guns next to them. There were three colors: red, blue, and purple. "I've got blue with Ethan. Us two vs. whatever team you're on," my dad said. He knew taking Ethan would be dumb. Ethan was horrible at laser tag. What was my dad up to now? I took a purple vest and gun. The computer asked for a screen name so I put my nickname, Dexy Sexy. Lou was on my team as Boobear and Niall as Nialler. Zayn, Liam, and Harry were on red as DJ Malik, Turtles, and Curlyboy. "Everybody set?," I asked. The guys nodded and I pushed the big red button. The sliding doors opened to reveal a bunch of stairs, hallways, and tunnels. I motioned for Louis and Niall to follow me because I knew this place inside and out. I went up the stairs to another level with doors, towers, and more tunnels. I quickly went up the purple tower with the boys right behind me. Once we got to the top, I said, "Ok, we can't die in our tower. We can see the whole landscape of the arena. We're going to need a lookout, a sacrafice, and a shooter." "Dexy, calm down. How do you know all this shit? It's just a game," said Lou. "Fun Fact: I've lost to my dad everytime we play. He's finally decided to take Ethan. I know I can beat him if you guuys listen to me," I responded. "Fine. I'll be lookout," he said. "I'll be sacrafice. I can have fun with that," said Niall. "Yes! I'm shooter," I said. "Ok, Niall, what you need to do is go all the way down and run around the arena until some one sees you. Get them to follow you here, and I'll shoot them. Lou, you watch for anyone trying to get into the tower. If someone gets into the tower with their lights still on, they can make our tower become their tower. We'll have to quickly evacuate and find their old tower. Their old tower will be purple, but I don't know where the red tower is. So, please, shoot any blue or red if their vest is lit up. If I bring up anyone with their lights off, their vests will die everytime it's ready to charge up. Oh, and, Lou, shoot anyone you see trying to get in. Ready?," I asked. They nodded. We waited until the buzzer finally went off. Niall and  I went down the steps quietly. We both ducked down when we got to my shooting spot. "Ok," I said, quietly. I looked at. His face was inches from mine. I had the strange impulse to kiss his soft-looking lips. Wait, what am I thinking? I glanced away and said, "Come back here when someone is chasing you. I should be able to hear your shoes on the floor. I'll pop up and shoot him." Niall nodded and ran down the rest of the stairs. As he ran into the crazy maze of the arena, I looked up to see Lou leaning over the railing, gun in hand, and looking out, just like I told him to. Did he really love me? I doubt it, but Harry almost never lies. I heard shoes running towards the tower, pulling me out of my thoughts. I quickly jumped up and shot a blue vest. Dad was standing there  with a shocked look on his face. "I can't believe I fell for that," he said. I smiled. "Niall, before his vest recharges, bring him up here," I said. Niall grabbed my dad and brought him up the few stairs to get to me. "Ok, go find someone else. I'll bring him up," I said. I quickly brought my dad up the stairs and told Lou to keep an eye on him.

When the game was over, we walked back into the small room. "Wow, Dexy! I didn't know you could be so competitive," said Lou. "I just wanted to finally beat my dad," I said. "Well, sweetheart, you did," said my dad. Niall had brought Zayn, Ethan, and Harry to our tower. Liam got saved by the bell ringng. The lady walked in and said, "Ready for the next game?." We nodded. She walked back out as I hit the red button. We ran in and up to our tower again. We decided on a hit and run tactic.

When the buzzer rang, Niall and I sighed in relief. We were about to be shot by the whole red team, Harry, Zayn, and Liam. "Stupid red team," I said. "We love you too, Dexy," said Harry.

The boys, except Niall, ran to the exit to see the scores. Niall walked beside me in a peaceful silence. "You know, Dexy, we need to go on dates and stuff to get to know each other. We need to talk more too if we're going to do this," Niall said in his Irish accent. "Yeah, but what about Ashley?," I asked in my Irish accent. "Ashley is my ex-girlfriend. I don't have any feelings towards her. She wants to be with me, but I don't feel the same," he said, shrugging. "Well, great. Now, I have a crazy ex-girlfriend to add to my pile of problems," I said. Once we had reached the little room, we put our vests and guns on the racks and walked out to front side. I smiled at the lady and walked outside with Niall behind me. My dad was talking to Ethan, and the boys were goofing off as usual.When they saw us, everyone started walking toward their vehicles. "Bye, Niall," I said. "Bye, Dexy," he said. I kissed his chekk and walked to my dad's truck. When I got in the passenger side, I saw Louis looking from me to Niall with eyes full of jealousy.



A/N: Please forgive me. I got sick and could barely lift my computer. I was able to read your comments on my iPod, but coouldn't update. I'm so glad people are liking my fanfic. Could you do me a favor and tell others about my story? It would mean a lot to me :D so............BUH bye for mow love u lots

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