Arranged Marriage

Warning: contains sexual content towards the middle of the fan fic!!!!
When Dexy Condor's dad and Niall Horan's mom say Niall and Dexy are getting married, what are they supposed to do? The Horans and the Condors hated each other to the very last bone in their bodies. They used to be great friends. Because of a misunderstanding, the Horans blamed the Condors for the stealing of their most expensive items. This was back in 1946, but Horans still blame the Condors. The Condors, however, did not steal the items, but they were infuriated that the Horans would proclaim such a thing. Ever since, the Horans and Condors could never see eye-to-eye, except for one thing. (a/n: the boys are not famous & see what I did there with the 'one thing')


1. Dexy

Just as I pulled on my jeans, I heard a knock on the door. I started putting on my socks and shoes as I said,"Who is it?" "Me, Twerp. Now, open up." Stupid Ethan, my older brother. I opened the door. "What do you want?," I asked him. "My yearbook." "Why would I have your yearbook?," I asked innocently. Of course, I had his yearbook. It bugged the hell out of him. I always drew hearts around Kera's picture. Kera is his girlfriend. "I know you have it," he said, scowling. A piece of his midnight black hair hair fell into his green eyes. He was the guy all the girls wanted. He was always wearing baggy pants and tight muscle shirt to show off his abs. "Yeah and what are you gonna do about it?," I asked, raising an eyebrow. "Tell mum about your outfit." I looked down at my outfit. I had a cropped long-sleeved hoodie, short shorts, and knee high boots the same shade of grey as my hoodie. "What's wrong with it?" "Mum would kill you if she knew you letting guys see you in that. Plus, she said nobody was allowed to see your bell button." "Fine. I'll give you the damn yearbook," I said, rolling my eyes. I grabbed his yearbook off of my shelf and gave it to him. "Thanks, Dexy Sexy," he said. "Only the guys can call me that," I said. "I'm a guy," he said, walking into his room. I closed my door and grabbed my brush. After brushing my black hair, I put on a grey beanie. In the hall, I ran to the stairs, rushed down them, grabbed my iPhone 5, truck keys, and my big black purse. I hopped into my truck.

Once I got to school, I almost ran to my locker. Shit. "You win, Lou," I said in my thick Irish accent. "Yuparoo," he said, giving me a hug. When he released me, I saw my other best friends. Harry with his curly hair, Liam with his usual plaid shirt, and Zayn, my ex-boyfriend, with his mirror. "Hey, Hazza, DJ Malik, and Turtle Man," I said with a smile. "So who won?," asked Haz. "Who do you think?," Boobear asked with a smile. He turned to me saying,"You should have known. Now, pay up or face my wrath." I rolled my eyes. Then, I said,"Fine. Louis is the sexiest guy in the whole world. I'm so lucky he's one of my best friends." "Thank you," said Louis. Liam rolled his eyes, saying,"You guys are so immature." "Well, I'm stuck hanging out with guys because every girl at this school hates me," I said. "Yes. Every girl hates Dexy because she's so sexy. Everyguy wants to date her even if there taken," said Harry. "Shut up," I said. "Guys, where's Nialler?," asked Zayn. "Right here," said Niall Horan, my arch enemy. The boys loved him and me even though they knew we hate each other. I mean, he's a Horan. Must I say more? "Speaking of the Devil," I said, grabbing my Algebra book out of my locker. "Nice to see you to, Dexy," said Niall with sarcasm dripping from every word. "I would roll my eyes, but that would give you the satisfaction of it," I said. All of a sudden, my phone rang. Beauty and a Beat by Justin Bieber filled the halls. I was so embarrassed when everyone looked at me. I answered with an apologetic shrug. "Oi," I said into my phone. "Hello, my lovely Dexy, tonight I'll be returning home to visit you and Ethan," said an Irish accent. "Daddy!," I exclaimed. Ever since he joined the armed forces, I had to live with mum and Ethan. Mum married Uncle Fred, my dad's brother, after my parents got divorced. Ethan and I wanted to live with Dad, but he joined the forces. We were forced to live with Mum. Uncle Fred and Mum were never home. When Ethan turned 18, Mum gave him the house. She told him to take care of me. Every now and then, her and Uncle Fred will visit, but we ignore them most of the time. I'm only scared of Mum because Uncle Fred used to rape me. "Sweet pea? What do you think?," asked Dad. "I'm sorry, Daddy, I zoned out. What did you say?," I said. "Can you and Ethan meet me at Nando's? I have surprise for you," he said. "Yeah. Nando's is my favorite." "Ok, bye, Dexy," he said. "Bye daddy," I said. I hung up my phone and put it in my back pocket. "So, Daddy's home?,"  asked Lou. "Yes. Oh, do you guys want to come with me and Ethan to Nando's so you can meet Daddy?," I asked. Harry, Louis, and Liam nodded. "Yeah. Sure. Why not?," Zayn said, probably scared of meeting my dad. Being my ex, but one of my best friends is not going to go well with Daddy, especially because Zayn broke up with me. "Yay. See you guys later," I said. I walked off to Algebra.

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