Arranged Marriage

Warning: contains sexual content towards the middle of the fan fic!!!!
When Dexy Condor's dad and Niall Horan's mom say Niall and Dexy are getting married, what are they supposed to do? The Horans and the Condors hated each other to the very last bone in their bodies. They used to be great friends. Because of a misunderstanding, the Horans blamed the Condors for the stealing of their most expensive items. This was back in 1946, but Horans still blame the Condors. The Condors, however, did not steal the items, but they were infuriated that the Horans would proclaim such a thing. Ever since, the Horans and Condors could never see eye-to-eye, except for one thing. (a/n: the boys are not famous & see what I did there with the 'one thing')


2. Daddy Meets the Boys

~At Lunch~

"Ok. I called my dad. He said you guys can come. He really wants to meet my best friends," I said with a smile. "How did you call him? We were in class the whole time," said Liam. "I skipped 2nd hour with Malik," I said, shrugging. "Why?," asked Liam, the only one that WOULD freak out because we skipped. "I wasn't ready for my science test," said Zayn. "I just didn't want to take my test," I said.  Liam rolled his eyes and muttered,"They have no responsibilities." Lou walked in the lunch room with Niall. Harry was sitting across from me with Liam on his left. Zayn was on my right, across from Liam. Boobear sat next to me and Blondy sat next to Hazza. "Lou, daddy said he can't wait to meet my best friends," I told him. "Yay," he said, putting his arm around my shoulders to give me a hug. No, we are not dating, but I wish we were. Shh...don't tell him. "Do you want my carrots?," I asked him. "Hell yeah," said the Carrot King himself. "Do you want my banana?," he asked. "Duh," I said. Harry started laughing like a mad man. I looked at him with a confused face. He was being quiet, for once, then starts laughing? "You want Louis' BANANA, huh, Dexy?," he said, still laughing as if he's gone mental. "Not funny, Haz," I said, turning beat red. That child is so perverted!

~After School~

"I'll meet you guys at Nando's at about 6:30, k?," I said. The boys nodded and walked off. Zayn went to his motorbike. Harry went to the bus lines, already goofing off with some of the other guys in line. Liam turned and walked home because he only lives a block away. Lou went to his red convertible. I turned around, hopped into my truck, and drove home. After about 5 minutes of driving, As Long As You Love Me by Justin Bieber came on. I sang along until it finished.

When I got home, I put my truck keys on the counter and grabbed three slices of pizza. After putting the pizza in the microwave, I walked up the stairs. I knocked on Ethan's door and walked in. "EEEEWWWW!," I screamed. Kera was making out with Ethan on his bed. They looked like they were about to do something. If you know what I mean. "What?," Said Ethan, obviously annoyed. "Just coming tell you Dad's meeting us at Nando's, but you're obviously busy," I said a little uncomfortable. "Yeah, ok. Get out," he said, pulling his shirt back on. " Leave her alone. She was just coming tell you your dad is coming visit," said Kera. Kera was an only child so when Ethan I argued she normally took my side. "Hey, Kera, can you help me get ready?," I asked. "Sure thing," she replied. "Ok. Meet me in my room," I said, smirking at Ethan. Point: Dexy. Taking his girlfriend to hang out with me always irritates him.

When I walked into my room, I was finishing up my last slice of pizza. "So, what do you really want to talk about?," asked Kera. She knew me too well. "Lou," I said. She was the only girl friend I had. I was able to tell her everything. She nodded. "Boy trouble is never fun," she said,"What's the problem?." "He keeps treating me like his sister. Trust me, I've seen the way he treats his sister. Always hugging her, trying to protect her, trying to be a good friend. It's the exact same with me," I said, throwing myself on my bed. Kera sat next to me. "Well, how does he act around others girls?," she asked. I tuned onto my back. "He just talks to them. Makes them laugh, but he does that with everybody," I said. "He probably likes you if he's treating you different than other girls at school," she said. "Really?," I asked hopefully. "Yeah. Totally. I'll see you later. I'm going visit my mum," she said with a sigh. "Tell her I said hi." "Totally," she said, walking out my room. Poor Kera, her mum was dying, but her mum refused to let the doctors just put her out of her misery.

I walked to my closet. Grabbing a tight orange strapless shirt, dark navy blue skinny jeans, and black knee high boots, I changed into my new outfit. I brushed my wavy black hair that reached my mid-back. Pulling my hair back into a high pony tail, I grabbed my lipstick and mascara. I've always believed a little bit a makeup goes a long way. When I was done, I looked into the mirror. Green eyes stared back at me. I grabbed my iPhone 5 and checked my messages. 3 from Lou, I from Haz, and 1 from Daddy.

From: Loubear :{P /I'm bored

From: Loubear :{P /Let's play truth r dare

From: Loubear :{P /Dexy Sexy, ANSWER ME!!!!!!!!!!

To: Loubear :{P /WEIRDO

From: Haz has curls /Wyd? :DD

To: Haz has curls /finished getting dressed

From: Daddy /Can't wait 2 c u & Ethan & meet ur friends have a surprise 4 u luv u

To: Daddy /:D Can't wait!!!! luv u 2!!!

I checked the time. 5:45. "Ethan, are we taking your car or my truck?," I asked as I walked down the stairs with my phone in hand. "My car." We walked out the door and into is navy blue mustang. He turned on the radio. "...if I was your boyfriend-" "Hey!," I said, as Ethan changed the station. "Hay is for horses," he replied. "Why'd you change the station?," I asked. "I'm not listening to a gay, wanna-be Micheal Jackson, auto-tuned, son of a bitch," he said. "That's what she said," I laughed. "Did you just call me a girl?," he asked. "Yeah," I said. "That's it," he said. Then, he took his left hand and tickled my side. "Not fair," I said. He was the only one who knew my tickle spots. He could be annoying, but I don't think my life would be as fun without my brother at my side. "Yes, it is fair because you called me a girl. I was just getting even," he said with a smile.

~At Nando's~

When we got to Nando's, I got out the car and run towards Louis, Liam, and Zayn. "I jump on Lou's back, screaming,"There's my Boobear!" "Well, hello, stranger," he said when he put me down. I frowned. "Well, you are strange," he said with a smile. I tried to look mad, but totally failed and laughed. "Where's Haz?," I questioned. "Late as usual," said Liam. I gave Liam a hug and before I could give one to Zayn, Ethan said,"Malik, don't touch my sister," Ethan said as he walked up. He was a little overprotective of me when I was around the guys, but when Zayn dumped me, Ethan wouldn't even let Zayn give me a friendly wave without giving him an evil glare. "Why are they her?," questioned Ethan. "Be nice. Daddy wants to meet them," I said. "Whatever," said Ethan, rolling his eyes. "I see this is going to be an interesting night," said a British accent from behind me. I turned and saw Harry. "Curly!!," I said, giving him a hug. "Get your hands off my sister," said Ethan. Ethan has heard of Harry's reputation. I mean, who hasn't? I rolled my eyes. I ggot out of Harry's embrace to face Ethan. "I'm 18, not 8. I can take care of myself," I said. "Yeah and I'm 24. I can be protective if I want," he said. "Whatever," I replied. "Don't I get a hug?," questioned an Irish accent from behind me. I turned and saw..."Daddy!," I practically screamed. I gave him a huge hug. Yeah, I'm a Daddy's Girl. "Hey, Sweet pea," he said into my hair. "Hey, Dad," said Ethan and gave Dad a hug after me. "Ok, Dad, this is Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn," I said pointing to each of them as I said their names. "Nice to meet you all," said my Dad. Now, let's got eat because I can eat a cow," said Daddy. "Now, I see where Dexy gets her appetite from," said Lou. "Shut up," I said, elbowing him. "There's some big news I have to tell you, Dexy," Dad said as we walked in. When we walked in, Niall and the rest of the Horans were sitting at a table. Dad led us straight to their table. Huh? "Maura," said Dad. "Jake," she said as she acknowledged my dad. "Everyone please take a seat,"she said. Everyone was on edge. Condors and Horans HATED each other. What was my dad and Niall's mom planning?  Once everyone was seated, I realized I was seated next to Niall and his older brother, Greg. Great. Note the sarcasm. The waitress came take our orders. Niall's and my orders were the biggest. I eat a lot. Deal with it. Once the waitress left with our orders, Dad looked at Maura. She nodded. " and Niall...We've decided, Maura and I, that um...this is going to be hard on you guys, but remember it's to unite our families...," said my Dad. What's going on? "Tell them Jake!," said Maura. "We want you guys to get married," Dad said with a shrug and an apologetic  smile.

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