Its Just Luck

This Girl Named Niately rivers and her other four friends Hannah,Lia,Louisa,and Zoey are in a band Named Next Generation They post a video of them doing a ttalent show Called the Fun Follies Someone was video tapping them and posted it on youtube they got a million hits over night they became a over night sinsation when they get a call from the famous simon cowells to move to the UK and they get asighed to syco records


1. The Show


                     I was digging in the fridge cause as usual I woke up hungry I was looking throw the fridge when I heard the front door  open I just shock it off and when something caught my eye it was a piece of cake it just sat there on the counter and all lonly thinking it would not get eaten I smirked and licked my lips I grabed a fork and walked over to the lonley piece of cake I smiled and stuck the fork in I stuck the piece in my mouth my eyes widen for the taste of it was the most tastest taste  ive ever tasted I grabbed a chair and started to eat like a pig when it was all gone I patted my belly and wipped my face with the back of my hand I burpted and headed back up stairs to my room I opened the door and got under my covers and fell to sleep. I was woken up by a loud scream I ran downstairs and I was greeted by a scared Louisa the others where patting her and Hannah was hugging her "Whats wrong lad" I said in my Cute Irish accent " Someone Ate My Last Peice Of Hannah`s cake" She said with a sad accent I frowned and thought was it the cake i ate last night I was deep in in my thoughts until someone snapped there fingers infront of my face "Earth To Niately come in Niately" I snapped out of it and smiled" Hey why dont we enter the Fun Follies it will be fun " I said smileing They looked at each other and then me " I guess we could" Hannah said "yea it will be awsome" Zoey yelled " okay i guess but im gonna stand by my hazza" Louisa yell I giggled and looked at Lia I gave her my puppy dog eyes"awe alright but we have to practice its one week" I sqeakled "Im hungry lets go to Nandos" I whined they all laughed and walked to get ready I ran and got dressed in this>( when I walked downstairs everyone was ready "lez go to Nandos" I yelled and ran out of the front door and to the car I sat in the back in between Zoey and Hannah Lia and Louisa was up front and Louisa was driving of course cause shes 21 and the rest of us is like the youngest  When we arrived at  Nandos i ran in and yelled "FOOD"

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